Ajax foyer and Ajax terrace

The Ajax foyer and the Ajax terrace are located at the front of the theater. These two beautiful rooms overlook the Leidseplein and can be used perfectly for festive drinks, dinners and parties. From the terrace you can enjoy the activity of the square, and at the same time you have a private space with its own bar and service. Thanks to its own entrance and proximity to the café, the foyer and terrace are the most available and the most affordable spaces in the building, without compromising on quality and character.

Ajax foyer and Ajax terrace


In the past the Ajax terrace was only accessible to celebrities such as Nelson Mandela (he addressed the crowd on Leidseplein during his visit to the Netherlands in 1990) and the football stars of Ajax (they were honored after major victories). Ajax foyer and terrace are now part of the brasserie.


  • Very affordable location for dinners and parties of up to 150 guests
  • Balcony with a view over the Leidseplein
  • Including heaters and umbrellas
  • Private bar and customized catering
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