Age of Rage

ITA-ensemble / Ivo van Hove
In Age of Rage, Ivo van Hove tells a primordial story of how revenge haunts and wrecks successive generations. This performance is in line with earlier large-scale social productions such as Roman tragedies and Kings of war. This time the history of the Trojan War and the royal Atrid family is the starting point. Ifigeneia in Aulis, Trojan Women, Hekabe, Agamemnon, Elektra and Orestes are edited into one story. Age of Rage shows the mechanisms, inevitability and hopelessness of a circle of violence.

Ivo van Hove: 'It is the story of years of war and how its consequences as an ineradicable cancer have a profound and long-lasting effect on families and society. But also a story about violence today and about radicalization. We see how, faced with major problems, leaders turn to murder and revenge rather than deliberation. A royal family that runs the country but never comes to a vision or approach for a better future. A dark, grand and universal story.'

The performance will premiere in June 2021 as part of the Holland Festival.


Language NP Language no problem Achraf Koutet Achraf Koutet
Language NP Language no problem Aus Greidanus jr. Aus Greidanus jr.
Language NP Language no problem Chris Nietvelt Chris Nietvelt
Language NP Language no problem Gijs Scholten van Aschat Gijs Scholten van Aschat
Language NP Language no problem Hans Kesting Hans Kesting
Language NP Language no problem Hélène Devos Hélène Devos
Language NP Language no problem Ilke Paddenburg Ilke Paddenburg
Language NP Language no problem Janni Goslinga Janni Goslinga
Language NP Language no problem Jesse Mensah Jesse Mensah
Language NP Language no problem Maarten Heijmans Maarten Heijmans
Language NP Language no problem Maria Kraakman Maria Kraakman
Language NP Language no problem Majd Mardo Majd Mardo
Language NP Language no problem Selin Akkulak Selin Akkulak


after Euripides and Aischylos
direction Ivo van Hove
translation Gerard Koolschijn
adaptation Koen Tachelet, Ivo van Hove
dramaturgy Koen Tachelet
choreography Wim Vandekeybus
scenography and light Jan Versweyveld
kostuums An D’Huys
compositie Eric Sleichim

cast Achraf Koutet, Aus Greidanus jr., Chris Nietvelt, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Hans Kesting, Hélène Devos, Ilke Paddenburg, Janni Goslinga, Jesse Mensah, Maarten Heijmans, Majd Mardo, Maria Kraakman, and Selin Akkulak
dancers Bai Li Wiegmans, Katharina Ludwig and Emma Hanekroot
music performed by BL!NDMAN [drums] Hannes Nieuwlaet, Yves Goemaere, Ward Deketelaere

assistant director Daniël 't Hoen, Rosemintje Verpaalen – Weijts, Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos (intern), Lisaboa Houbregts (intern)
assistant dramaturgy Simone van der Steen (intern)
assistant scenography Bart van Merode, Django Walon, Renée Faveere (intern)
assistant video Coen Bouwman
assistant music George Dhauw
assistant choreography Laura Aris Alvarez
assistant costumes Rosa Schützendorf
head of technical department Reyer Meeter
production leader Inge Zeilinga,Michiel van Schijndel
head of artistic bureau Ulrike Bürger Bruijs
assistant production Eva Sol
technical producer Joost Verlinden
technical staff Sebastiaan Kruijs (first stage manager), Kevin Cuyvers, Paul van der Zouwe, Pepijn van Beek, Emile Bleeker, Erwin Sterk, Timo Merkies, Dennis van Scheppingen, Ruud de Vos, Danne Hekman, Mark Thewessen, Wim Wildenbeest (intern)
costume department Wim van Vliet (head),Farida Bouhbouh
hair & make-up David Verswijveren, Mirjam Venema
tailor Claudia Pellegrini, Karianne Hoenderderkamp
set construction Fiction Factory
photography Fabian Calis
graphic design Sara Fortuin
publicity Iris Istha

coproducer Holland Festival; Bl!ndman; La Villette, Paris
private producer Helga Lasschuijt and Dirk Raes, Gabriella de Rooij and Hendrik Jan ten Have, Marius de Vos and Gary Carter, Anna Wouters and Esther Kwaks
with support from Ammodo

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