1+1 for free for Lieve Stad,

Throughout the month of February, all Amsterdam residents can purchase tickets to the theatre, museum, cinema or a concert at a bargain price. With the vouchers in the booklet, available free of charge throughout the city, you will get the 2nd ticket for free when you buy a ticket. More information about the promotion can be found on the Iamsterdam website.

Terms & conditions:
- Valid on selected performances at festival Lieve Stad, (see performances below).
- With the purchase of one ticket, visitors will receive one ticket as a gift.
- The voucher or online promotion code can be redeemed from 1 to 28 February.
- There is a maximum of 75 tickets per performance. First come, first served.

Sara Correia - 17 March in Meervaart

Do Coração

Sara Correia performs live Do Coração, the album nominated for the Latin Grammy 2021 and winner of the Best Fado Album at the PLAY Awards. Produced by Diogo Clemente, the album is nominated for Best Portuguese Language Roots Album.


Theater RAST / Celil Toksöz - 18 March in ITA

Kroniek van een aangekondigde dood

Theatre RAST, which responds to what is happening in the world from its Turkish-Dutch DNA, brings a new text by Aron Goosens who took his inspiration from Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Waiting for Godot and Invisible Tales from the Valley of Ararat.


ICK Dans Amsterdam - 18 March in Meervaart

We, the Shameless

We, the Shameless gives us a different take on a solo. Two connected bodies have their shared "bodily memory", but also their dual identities. Without any shame, they share this discord with the audience.


Moving into dance Mophatong / Robyn Orlin -18 March in ITA

we wear our wheels with pride and slap your streets with color

Choreographer Robyn Orlin grew up in a South Africa which was split by Apartheid. As a child, she saw black miners dancing in front of a white audience. She still vividly remembers these images from her childhood.


Meervaart / Amsterdam Andalusisch Orkest / George & Eran Producties - 20 March in ITA

Jihad van Liefde

Jihad van Liefde is a musical story based on the book of the same name. In it, David Van Reybrouck chronicled the moving story of Mohamed El Bachiri. This metro driver from Molenbeek, Belgium, lost his great love and mother of his three children in the terror attack in the Brussels metro on 22 March 2016.

Abhishek Thapar - 21 and 22 March in ITA

Surpassing the beeline

Surpassing the beeline delves into the stories of Amsterdam's expat community. Stories of those who are emigrants when they leave home and become immigrants elsewhere; their past, present and sense of 'home' completely intertwined. The emigrant from one country, is the immigrant from another.


Kat op het Spek / Gerardjan Rijnders - 22 March in Meervaart


SLAKJE is a theatre monologue of integrity about abuse and how it can scar your life. About people's incredible ability to keep hope, against the odds.


Likeminds - 21 March in Meervaart


I feast on deficits
That's worse than on nothing

What does it mean to be cleaned out by the government? What does it mean to always have to be wary of your surname, your origins, your dual nationality? In the gripping monologue Vecht written by Maxine Palit de Jongh based on the benefits scandal, we witness Zafirah's downfall.


Mohammad Motamedi, Tony Overwater en anderen - 23 March in ITA


Join us on a spiritual journey from Persia to Anatolia and from the Levant to Andalusia. Poems by mystical poets such as Rumi, Rabia Al Adawiya and Ibn Arabi will be recited under the leadership of world-renowned Persian singer Mohammad Motamedi, a world first.


Tg. Winterberg / Feikes Huis - 23 March in Meervaart

Alles naar de Hemel

Alles naar de Hemel is about making an impossible choice between life and death and the inhuman quest that precedes it. An inventive and fascinating rollercoaster of emotions, in a loving ode to all people who love their children.


Luan Buleshkaj - 24 March in Meervaart


Luan Buleshkaj is a word artist in the broadest sense and is an established name in the spoken word scene in the Netherlands. Leeuwenkind is his first solo performance. He is supported musically by guitarist Yassine Belghanch. 'Spoken word at top level, with a touch and cabaret,' said the Amsterdam Fringe Festival jury.


Theater Rotterdam / Well Made Productions / Romana Vrede / Alida Dors - 25 en 26 March in ITA

The Story of Travis

The Story of Travis is a new stage play inspired by Lorraine Hansberry's Broadway classic A Raisin in the Sun. About the importance of having dreams, making your voice heard in a world that doesn't seem set up for you and finding a home. In poetic monologues, recognisable family situations and spiritual dialogues, the performance questions the burden of the black (American) dream and what it is like to be sent into the world as the only hope of your family.

Corpo Maquina

It takes a child to raise a village / football meets dance

Movement, freedom and happiness. With 5 dancers, 3 actors, 2 freestyle footballers and 2 musicians, choreographer Guilherme Miotto of Corpo Máquina Society brings a travelling performance that gives space to a group of children's lust for life and urge to play in every city it lands in. The adults in the company have the sole task of putting the children at the centre. This produces a feast of intuition and community spirit. For children know the way.


ITA-junior / Esmée Begemann / Ro, Rox, Roxy, Roxana Verwey - 24, 25 and 26 March in ITA

The Money Game jr.

The Money Game jr. is an investigation into our derailed financial system made with and by a generation growing up in the middle of it. Everything has a value. Money is power. In 2023, influence has a price and the bosses of Insta, Apple and Amazon run the world. Money makes the world go round, but only for the very rich. What should the rest do with a financial system where there seems to be no way out? And is there a cost for screwing up the world?

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Ode to the city

Amsterdam is a city of many faces, literally, because we live here together with many different nationalities. Lieve Stad, is about the city and all its inhabitants. This festival is about bringing people together, in the city, in the theatre, in society. How do we live together and what stories do all individuals and groups carry with them? They all have their own stories, strengths and challenges. Showing these is the starting point of Lieve Stad,.

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