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This subscription offers you a range of three different theater performances and was compiled for you by René van de Pluijm, our theater programmer.

You will see a musical ode to the power of exceptional women in Dear Winnie, from Noord Nederlands Toneel. With Orestes in Mosul by Milo Rau you are at the front line in Iraq and in the famous theater trilogy Leedvermaak - which will be shown in its entirety for the first time in the Netherlands - you witness a harsh, hilarious and moving epic in which Judith Herzberg describes a Dutch family during a quarter century.

  • 30 October - Orestes in Mosul by NTGent / Milo Rau
  • 13 January - Dear Winnie, by Noord Nederlands Toneel / KVS / JR.CE.SA.R
  • 30 April - Leedvermaak Trilogie by Het Nationale Theater / Eric de Vroedt

The subscription costs € 75. You save € 30,50.

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The Shows

Language NP Language no problem Orestes in MosulTheater NTGent / Milo Rau Orestes in Mosul
Close Orestes in Mosul NTGent / Milo Rau
For this adaptation of the ancient Greek play Oresteia - a tragedy about a never-ending series of revenge murders - Milo Rau went to one of the hotbeds of the world, Iraq. How can the chain of violence end?
Language NP Language no problem Dear Winnie,Theater Noord Nederlands Toneel / KVS / Jr.cE.sA.r Dear Winnie,
Close Dear Winnie, Noord Nederlands Toneel / KVS / Jr.cE.sA.r
What’s it like to be a woman, an activist, and black? When do you rebel and seize your rightful place? In Dear Winnie, stories by nine actresses, singers and performers with African roots (from among others South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Suriname and the Caribbean islands) are interwoven with t...
Language NP Language no problem Leedvermaak trilogieTheater Het Nationale Theater / Asko Schönberg / Eric de Vroedt Leedvermaak trilogie