At the back of the brasserie is the Rotonde, a round hall with a mirror wall, which is located directly below the Grote Zaal. This space is a passage for our daily visitor, but can be closed with the heavy curtains so that it can be used privately. Thanks to its central location and its own bar, this is an excellent place for registration, receptions and breaks. There are also regular drinks and parties here for large groups.



At the end of the performance, the distinguished audience waited for their name to be announced by a guard to indicate that their carriage had been driven. Nowadays the bar is open after the shows and sometimes talk shows and after parties are organized. It is the place where theater visitors, makers and actors meet.


  • Central location in the building
  • Private bar, mirrored wall and beautiful chandelier
  • Heavy curtains that can close the room to other audiences
  • Suitable for 50 guests in a theater setup
  • Basic lighting and sound
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