24H Centre Guided Tour


24H Centre Guided Tour



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24H Centre Guided Tour

In 14 May 2022, 24H Amsterdam will take place in the city centre. On this day, theatres, museums, churches, shops, bars, hotels and clubs will open their doors and organise countless surprises and (free) activities. It's the perfect opportunity for Amsterdammers to (re)discover the city centre in just 24 hours.

24H Centre

On 14 May, you are welcome in ITA for a number of guided tours during which you will (re)discover the history of our theatre - a national monument. You will visit places that are normally not accessible to visitors, wander along the stage and the dressing rooms, hear all about the architecture and get to know all the anecdotes about what has happened here in the past centuries.

The tours are free of charge and last 75 minutes, but you must register in advance via I Amsterdam. Please note, the number of places per tour is limited.
10:00 -11:15 - Dutch tour
11:30 -12:45 - English tour
13:00 -14:15 - Dutch tour
14:30 -15:45 - English tour
16:00 - 17:15 - Dutch tour



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07 May '22 to 03 Jun '23
Every first Saturday of the month, you can join the public tour of the building and get a peek behind all the doors that would otherwise remain closed.