All You See


All You See

Niki Padidar


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All You See
Niki Padidar

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Venue: DeLaMar, Mary Dresselhuys zaal
Starting time: 18:45

What if you suddenly end up in a world where you’re no longer seen but stared at? This film shows the alienation this evokes for four protagonists who are new to the Netherlands. If no one knows who you used to be, are you still yourself?

Festival IDFA

Run time 72 minutes
Genre film
Language Dutch and English, with English subtitles

All you see

What if from one day to the next, you’re no longer seen, but instead are stared at? The leading characters in this multi-layered film have ended up in a new world where suddenly nothing seems to align. In their new lives in the Netherlands, they unintentionally provoke reactions on a daily basis. Even after many years, they still hear the same questions over and over again: where are you from, do you speak Dutch, do you tan in the sun?
This experience is all too familiar to director Niki Padidar, who left Iran when she was 7. In All You See, she enters into painful and humorous conversation with three others who are immigrants. There’s Khadija, originally from Somalia, who has been a “newcomer” for 27 years, Sophia, who has just come over from the UK, and Hanna from Ukraine, who watches cartoons and films to learn how to blend in and not constantly seem like a tourist.In Padidar’s carefully designed film, these conversations are interspersed with her visual exploration of what it means to be subjected to the projections of others, and the alienation it evokes. How long can a newcomer be considered new?


Director Niki Padidar
Production Menna Laura Meijer for mint film office
Executive producer Anjet Blinde for mint film office, Jeffrey de Roode for mint film office
Cinematography Jean Counet, Jefrim Rothuizen
Animation Anton Mishenin
Editing Niki Padidar, Albert Markus, Festus Toll
Sound Diego van Uden
Sound Design Tom Jansen
Music Fin Greenall
Screenplay Niki Padidar
Involved TV Channel VPRO
World Sales mint film office
Screening copy Jeffrey de Roode


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