Best of IDFA: Award Winners


Best of IDFA: Award Winners



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Best of IDFA: Award Winners

A selection of the best films from IDFA 2022, especially compiled into a full day program. All the films included in this program received an IDFA Award, selected by an international jury of professionals from the documentary, film and art world.

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Apolonia, Apolonia
A portrait of the artist as a young woman. Apolonia is talented, but is that enough to break into the art world? An impressive film that covers 13 years in an anything-but-average life.

The Etilaat Roz
As Kabul is recaptured by the Taliban, the passionate journalists of the Etilaat Roz daily newspaper grow increasingly concerned. Hopelessness and fear gradually take over in this penetrating film.

A dark mosaic of often-shocking videos that Russian teenagers have posted on social media. Clip after clip shows how aggression and oppression in schools is unwittingly passed on to the next generation.

Much Ado About Dying
This tragicomic portrait of filmmaker Simon Chambers’ eccentric uncle demonstrates that death comes as a necessary end to life, caregiving is a heavy responsibility, and it’s wonderful to recite Shakespeare stark naked.

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IDFA stands for the power of creative documentary. Documentaries that can connect, inspire and excite. Documentaries that expand the view of ourselves, the environment and the world around us. During this edition of the festival, ITA hosts daily screenings of documentaries and special performances.

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