Dans L'Engrenage

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Dans L'Engrenage

Dyptik Compagnie de danse Hip Hop


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Dans L'Engrenage
Dyptik Compagnie de danse Hip Hop

We all know how difficult it can be to find your place in this society. The struggle to get there. The struggle to stay there. Getting past rules and conventions; past the ‘public interest’. Ignoring the individual, ignoring the prohibitions – putting everything into getting ahead.

Duration 1 hour
Genre Dance
Part of Summer Dance Forever

About the performance

The seven rock-solid break-dancers from French group Dyptik believe in something better. They are dedicated; they go against the grain. Sitting at a big table, they fight with one hand while the other starts to build something new. Something different. To be able to exist. Gradually, they join the others, again getting caught up in the treadmill. But for how long?

During Dans L’Engrenage – French for ‘moving through the gears’ – the tension on stage is palpable, the atmosphere electric. The dancers take the audience’s breath away with an energetic mix of hip-hop and Arabic rhythms. Their physical and emotional commitment creates a performance about power relations that is intense, powerful and poetic – like an all-encompassing ‘trance’ that keeps on moving up a gear.

About Dyptik

Dyptik, founded by young choreographers Souhail Marchiche and Mehdi Meghari in 2012, Dyptik brings hip-hop into a dialogue with other aesthetic elements. In their work, the group investigate what it means to be a ‘human being’. Dyptik is the embodiment of a generation who refuse to believe in the inevitability of a fearful world; a generation that wants to create a world of its own. Dans L’Engrenage is the second part to deal with humanity rising up. The first part, D-construction, will be presented by Summer Dance Forever on Museumplein square during the Uitmarkt on 24 August.

Dyptik in the press

“Brilliant command of movement, timing and stage space: the Dyptik dance company delivers on all fronts with this new piece, seizing the audience with its breath-taking energy and the well-dosed intensity of everything playing out on stage. Well played!”
- Danse avec la Plume, Amélie Bertrand

“He [Mehdi Meghari] ignites a scenario dealing with power and authority which displays quite a few stunning visual ideas. The seven interpreters are all exceptional breakers, open to different technics. They transcend hip hop segmentation and portray cutting, sharp-edged characters who can hammer down their dominance with a single pop of the shoulder.”
- Le Monde, Rosita Boisseau

‘’The hip hop moves are perfectly executed, movements are lithe and gestures feline… The action is flowing, not a second too long, not a moment too short. The implacable mechanics raze everything to the ground leaving all the dancing one may have seen before far behind …”
- Le bruit du off, Emmanuel Serafini

“A piece for seven dancers, Dans l’engrenage teems with a contagious energy… Drawing inspiration from the dances and rhythms of the Arab world, choreographer Mehdi Meghari brings to the surface an all-consuming trance, ever-mounting in intensity. Something akin to the thirst for light that drives butterflies insane.”
- Paris-art.com

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