De Staat van de Stad


De Staat van de Stad

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam / Pakhuis de Zwijger / Gemeente Amsterdam / Rabobank Amsterdam


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De Staat van de Stad
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam / Pakhuis de Zwijger / Gemeente Amsterdam / Rabobank Amsterdam

In conversation about broad prosperity in our city and region. With economist Kate Raworth, aldermen Van Doorninck, Moorman and Everhardt and the new Amsterdam ombudsman, Munish Ramlal.

Starting time 20:00
Duration 120 minutes
Venue Grote zaal
Language Dutch


To visit this performance you need a valid COVID admission ticket. This can be a negative test result, a vaccination certificate or proof that you have recovered from corona (proof of recovery). You must convert one of these into a QR code in the CoronaCheck app or a print via Only then will you have a valid COVID admission ticket.


During the first lockdown, Amsterdam was co-initiator of the global Donut Cities movement, inspired by the thinking of economist Kate Raworth. With the main question: how do we ensure that all Amsterdammers have a good and prosperous life, without human rights and the boundaries of the planet being exceeded? A year and a half and a corona crisis later, the municipality of Amsterdam is mapping out the state of the city's broad prosperity, in which - following the Donut model - it is not only looking at how much money the city earns, but also at important values ​​such as justice, health, sustainability and social inclusion. -|- During the 9th edition of De Staat van de Stad, the Bureau for Information, Research and Statistics of the Municipality of Amsterdam will present this first Broad Prosperity Monitor, and British economist Kate Raworth will give a speech about the Donut City model. Subsequently, various Amsterdam aldermen and important players from the city and the country will discuss the way to a fair and sustainable Amsterdam.



Jeroen Slot

Head of Research at OIS, Municipality of Amsterdam

Kate Raworth

Economist | Author 'Doughnut Economics'

Marieke van Doorninck

Alderman for Spatial Development and Sustainability, Municipality of Amsterdam

Saundra Williams

Program Director Masterplan Southeast

Victor Everhardt

Alderman for Finance and Economic Affairs at the Municipality of Amsterdam

Anne-Jo Visser

Director of the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Corporations (from 15 Aug)

Lyongo Juliana

Architect, Director Caribbean Region at OZarchitect & Designing Cities for All Fellow

Marjolein Moorman

Alderman for education, integration, poverty & debt relief in Amsterdam

Dionne Abdulhafiezkhan

Co-founder IZI Solutions

Munish Ramlal

Ombudsman Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (from 2 September)

Zaire Krieger

Writer, spoken word artist and women's rights activist.