(B)randprogramma: Dialogen over kunst & politiek

Brandhaarden 2022

(B)randprogramma: Dialogen over kunst & politiek

ITA Academy


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(B)randprogramma: Dialogen over kunst & politiek
ITA Academy
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During Brandhaarden we would like to welcome you every day before the performance in our Salon for the programme Dialogue on Art & Politics, inspired by the book of the same name in which Édouard Louis and Ken Loach talk to each other. In this programme, artists, political figures and 'ordinary people' reflect on social issues. As in Louis' work, in this programme personal stories will be juxtaposed with major political systems. Be surprised by a conversation, performance or speaker and be welcome to join the dialogue.

The programme is free of entrance fee, registration via this site is required.


Except for the Artist Talk with Thomas Ostermeier, all programmes are in Dutch. More information can be found here.

Monday 21 February 6:15pm - 7:15pm - Artist Talk with Thomas Ostermeier
Sitting in the salon, with a drink in hand, we discuss his oeuvre, working methods, fascinations, wishes for the future and reflect together on the theatre landscape and the role Ostermeier plays in it.-|-In Gesprek
During Brandhaarden, there are many editions of our programme In Gesprek. In Gesprek is a returning programme of ITA. After the performance, come to one of our foyers to think, listen and talk. The conversations start about 10 minutes after the performance. Check the performance page for up-to-date information.
Saturday 19 February- after Qui a tué mon père
Thursday 24 February -after Im Herzen der Gewalt
27 February - after Valdens Historie

10th Edition

Brandhaarden 2022

Brandhaarden is an international theatre festival that brings performances by notable theatre makers from abroad to Amsterdam. The festival offers a unique overview of one creator, house, region or theme. Previous editions have put the spotlight on directors such as Katie Mitchell, Milo Rau and the Rimini Protokoll collective, and city theatres such as Münchner Kammerspiele, Volksbühne Berlin and Peter Brook's Théâtre Bouffes du Nord. In 2020, the festival focused for the first time on one region, Southern Europe, and showed notable dance and theatre productions from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece.

The tenth edition of the ITA Festival, from 19 February to 3 March, focuses on the work of one of the most celebrated writers of his generation: Édouard Louis.