Die Jungfrau von Orleans

Brandhaarden 2023

Die Jungfrau von Orleans

Nationaltheater Mannheim / Ewelina Marciniak


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Die Jungfrau von Orleans
Nationaltheater Mannheim / Ewelina Marciniak

In Friedrich Schiller's drama, which premiered in 1801, Joan of Arc is a peasant girl who goes on a divine mission to turn around the crumbling French fortunes in a war against the English. But who is Joan behind the myth? In this adaptation, director Ewelina Marciniak and dramatist Joanna Bednarczyk question the historical text from a contemporary, feminist perspective.

Festival Brandhaarden

Run time 120 minutes
Genre Theatre
Language German
Surtitles Dutch and English

Dutch opening night Fri March 3

Die Jungfrau von Orleans

The historical Joan of Arc was first made an army captain, then burned as a witch and finally made into a saint. Who was this young woman who managed to defy an authoritarian system and wipe out an entire society? Was she fanatical, cunning or determined? In the "romantic tragedy" of 1801, Friedrich Schiller shows his "Maid of Orleans" as torn between her mission and her own feelings. Heroines should not love - and not fail. Schiller invents an alternative ending and has Joan fall heroically on the battlefield.

Young Polish director Ewelina Marciniak uses his version of the myth of Joan of Arc to reflect on heroic and influential women today. Who are the Joans of today? Female soldiers? Activists? And how does our world treat them? In her native Poland, Ewelina Marciniak is already a star director. Since 2018, she has also been working at German theatres, including the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg and Theatre Freiburg. She combines her interest in new narrative forms with research into female perspectives on theatre texts.

© Bartek Barczyk

4 MAR - Artist Talk

A look behind the scenes and conversations with the people behind the scenes make the performance visit even more interesting. That is why ITA Academy organises a series of Artist Talks during Brandhaarden: in-depth discussions with inspiring makers about their work and working methods, motives, sources of inspiration and fascinations. Artist Talks take place after a performance by the relevant maker and offer depth to look at the work in a broader context.

On March 4, moderator Carolien Borgers will engage in a conversation with Ewelina Marciniak.

Registration is free (and required) via the link below

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3 MAR - In Gesprek

After the performance, come and think, listen and chat at In Gesprek. After Die Jungfrau von Orleans, we will further explore and exchange experiences with the makers and/or actors. If you have any questions, this is the perfect time to ask them. In Gesprek is free of charge and starts shortly after the performance in one of our foyers, is conducted in English and lasts about half an hour.


with Annemarie Brüntjen, Boris Koneczny, Christoph Bornmüller, Sophie Arbeiter, Vassilissa Reznikoff, Maria Munkert, Arash Nayebbandi, Matthias Breitenbach, László Branko Breiding, Ragna Pitoll
direction Ewelina Marciniak
stage and lighting design Mirek Kaczmarek

costumes Natalia Mleczak
composition Jan Duszyński
lighting Mirek Kaczmarek
choreography Dominika Knapik
dramaturgy Anna-Sophia Güther, Sascha Hargesheimer, Joanna Bednarczyk

Female Voices


How does the female voice sound when concentrated in time and place at a festival? During the 11th edition of international theatre festival Brandhaarden, six female directors confront plays and themes from the classical repertoire, in which female characters play leading roles. Brandhaarden: Female Voices takes place from Wednesday 22 February to Saturday 4 March and features performances by Elsa-Sophie Jach, Eline Arbo, Satoko Ichihara, Carme Portaceli, Hanane Hajj Ali and Ewelina Marciniak.

Previous editions have spotlighted directors such as Katie Mitchell, Milo Rau and Rimini Protokoll, writer Édouard Louis, the Southern European region (Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece) and city theatres such as Münchner Kammerspiele, Volksbühne Berlin and Peter Brooks Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord.

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