Filmmaker Talk: Emma Davie


Filmmaker Talk: Emma Davie



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Filmmaker Talk: Emma Davie

An in-depth conversation with filmmaker and scholar Emma Davie. Together with writer Pamela Cohn, she will discuss her body of work, artistic choices, and views on cinematic art.

Festival IDFA

Run time 60 minutes
Genre perspective

Emma Davie

This insightful session will also include excerpts from Davie’s various works as well as her new film The Oil Machine. Emma Davie’s filmmaking practice centers around profound creative collaboration both in front and behind the camera. In her work, she often experiments with narrative approaches and complex relationships between the observer and the protagonist. After directing a number of successful documentaries for television, among which What Age Can You Start Being An Artist?, Gigha, Buying Our Island, and Flight, Davie co-directed I Am Breathing which won a Scottish BAFTA for Best Director.
Another important inspiration in Davie’s career is performance theater, which shaped so much of Becoming Animal, a film she co-authored with Peter Mettler in 2018. Emma Davie served as a documentary programmer for the Edinburgh International Film Festival, was on the board of EDN, and currently runs the postgraduate course in documentary directing at Edinburgh College of Art.


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