In wankel evenwicht

ITA–Ensemble / Maren E. Bjørseth

In wankel evenwicht

ITA–Ensemble / Maren E. Bjørseth


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What if a befriended couple rang your doorbell one evening to ask for shelter? Fear is in their eyes. They can’t say what they’re afraid of. You think it’s a strange situation, but they’re friends and your daughter’s old room is vacant. So you offer them shelter.

Exclusively in Toneelschuur Haarlem
Duration: not yet known
Premiere 30 Mar 2019


The next day, your daughter shows up unexpectedly. She’s in her mid-thirties and her umpteenth relationship has just failed. A problem child who will not grow up. She wants to move in with you again, but realizes her room is occupied by your friends. What do you do when your daughter demands her room back? Will you give your own child priority over your friends?

This is the dilemma that Tobias and Agnes are facing in the tragicomedy A delicate balance by Edward Albee (1928-2016). Everyone knows what rights and duties are. But how do we handle them when it really matters? Then it turns out that deep down, people are marked by unreasonable territoriality.

In razor-sharp dialogues, Albee shows how an already delicate balance between two people who are dependent on each other can be put under great pressure. The ever-increasing emotional temperature in their discussions exposes fears and desires, needs and frustrations.

A delicate balance
is a project within ITA-2, the platform for the development of directorial talent. Maren E. Bjørseth previously directed A bride in the morning (in collaboration with Frascati Producties) and Emilia Galotti (in collaboration with Toneelschuur Producties).


“Soms zet Bjørseth de handelingen stil en ontstaan bijna Edward Hopper-achtige momenten van eenzaamheid. Dan weer gaan de remmen los, en wordt Albee’s taalbolwerk aangenaam onderbroken met licht- en geluidseffecten. Het decor is groots, wijds en open, heel anders dan Albee zelf voorschreef, namelijk een huis vol dichte deuren. [...]
Malou Gorter speelt Agnes meesterlijk, op laconieke, ondramatische wijze, maar ook verbeten in haar poging haar verdriet en ergernis te onderdrukken. Godallemachtig, wat is dat doeltreffend mooi en sterk gedoseerd acteren!” - de Volkskrant ****

In wankel evenwicht is, mede dankzij puik acteerwerk, een gebutst familieportret dat bij vlagen een beetje pijn doet.” - Telegraaf

Maren E. Bjørseth
Maren E. Bjørseth

Maren E. Bjørseth (1984, Norway) studied Directing at the Theaterschool Amsterdam and presented her own style with her thesis directing of A Doll’s House in 2012: a radical, playful and form-conscious reinterpretation of Ibsen’s classic. Immediately after, she directed the intriguing The Slope (Carl Frode Tiller), the rugged Ten Liefde (Ko van den Bosch), the cheerful yet macabre Faith Love Hope (Ödon von Horváth) and Ibsen’s The wild duck at Frascati Producties. She chooses plays about small people in an absurd and confusing world. She uses an absurd acting style and an abstract form that are just an inch away from realism. Bjørseth directs in her home country as well as in the Netherlands, because it provides her with the greatest possible freedom to ‘optimally explore the advantages of both theatrical cultures’.

In Norway, she directed e.g. La Ronde (Arthur Schnitzler), An enemy of the people (Henrik Ibsen) and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, which earned her a nomination for the Heddaprisen for best director. In October 2016, there will be the premiere of Agota Kristof’s The Notebook in Trondheim. Her directing of Hugo Claus’s A bride in the morning at TA-2 – Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s platform for the development of young directorial talent – was selected for the National Dutch Theatre Festival in 2015. ‘She delivers a spotless, slightly absurdist performance, in which the actors manage to let each and every one of Claus’s characters shine in all their hope and despair,’ according to the Nederlandse Toneeljury.

For the next four years, Bjørseth will be one of the permanent directors at Toneelschuur Producties, creating four performances, two of which in collaboration with TA-2/Toneelgroep Amsterdam. The first in the series - Emilia Galotti – will premiere in January 2017. The second one - A delicate balance - will premiere in March 2019.

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regie Maren E Bjørseth
acteur (ensemble) Hélène Devos
acteur (gast) Carina de Vroome, Emma Josten, Hajo Bruins, Malou Gorter, Thomas Cammaert
auteur Edward Albee
vertaling Janine Brogt
dramaturgie Rob Klinkenberg
scenografie Juul Dekker
lichtontwerp Casper Leemhuis
geluidsontwerp Jorg Schellekens
kostuums Vita Mees
producent Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Toneelschuur Producties
publiciteit Joris van den Ring-Bax
met dank aan Philip Loubser Foundation

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