Julidans NEXT: Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus


Julidans NEXT: Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus

Oona Doherty (IR)


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Julidans NEXT: Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus
Oona Doherty (IR)

Stomping, sweating theatre, virtuoso transformations. Oona Doherty takes us on a journey through the dingiest streets of Europe. She purifies the male soul. It’s a physical experience on the frontier of mind and body. And a hunt for hope.

Fri 12 & Sat 13 July
Melkweg Upstairs

50 minutes
No intermission
€15 / €10 in combination with the main program
Julidans Young €10

Oona Doherty purifies the male soul.

While Session can be seen on the main Julidans stage; the collaboration of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui with the figurehead of the Irish Riverdance, Colin Dunne, Julidans NEXT presents another (very different!) Irish talent: Oona Doherty. She embodies the Irish subclass in a very cleverly danced pamphlet against social inequality.

‘Oona Doherty dances an intelligent, raw and at the same time extremely detailed performance, full of attuned body language. A beautiful solo. There is not a minute too much in this powerful, impressive dance essay on the stereotype of the disadvantaged man. It’s fascinating and moving and she is simply a phenomenal performer.’ The Times is clear: go and see it!

Northern Irish Doherty has worked hard and has danced and choreographed with several European companies. In the Netherlands we know about her from the Tilburg group T.R.A.S.H.

Her new solo performance Hope Hunt & The Ascension into Lazarus starts outside the theatre, on the street in front of the Melkweg. We see all the familiar white trash-stereotypes pass by before we are taken inside, where a powerful performance about (Irish) society is about to begin.

Hope Hunt & The Ascension into Lazarus stands in the middle between physical theatre, social essay and dance. Never didactic, on the contrary, people should laugh; but enthusiastically and astutely.

Julidans NEXT is the stage for a new generation of choreographers who have a connection with a dance maker on the main stage. The relationship is in the themes and/or the style. It is therefore interesting to see both performances one after the other. That is why Julidans NEXT will start earlier in the evening and can easily be combined with the main program.