Julidans NEXT: Rasp Your Soul

Kat Válastur (DE/GR)

Julidans NEXT: Rasp Your Soul

Kat Válastur (DE/GR)


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An impressive solo populated by legends and our own digital culture: with Rasp Your Soul, Julidans NEXT introduces Kat Válastur to the Netherlands. From mythology, the kingdom of fables, she asks questions about how we can recognise the truth today, in times of social media and fake news.

Fascinating, ominous solo about truth in digital times.

‘Válastur has not only developed a unique and personal dance language, she also addresses contemporary social issues.’ wrote Tagespiegel about the work of the Greek choreographer, who lives and works in Berlin. In her performances Válastur evokes a magical, alienating world, something we also see with both Alan Lucien Øyen and Peeping Tom, who are on the main stage on the same days. Moreover, Válastur asks a similar question to Øyen in his performance Story, Story, die. What is truth and what is a lie in a time when everyone is carefully constructing and manipulating their own identity through digital media?

In Rasp Your Soul, Válastur uses images from Greek mythology to talk about how we tell our stories today in a digitized world. In her solo, dancer Enrico Ticconi resembles a contemporary mythical creature that, under the influence of cultural codes and digital technology, switches from one identity to another. Fascinating and ominous to watch.

‘In Ticconi's impressive performance we feel how every fibre of his body is flooded with cultural rubbish from our digital world that makes him change from one stereotype to another - from sex toy or narcissus to a wild beast.’ - TAZ.

Julidans NEXT is the stage for a new generation of choreographers who have a connection with a dance maker on the main stage. The relationship is in the themes and/or the style. It is therefore interesting to see both performances one after the other. That is why Julidans NEXT will start earlier in the evening and can easily be combined with the main program.