Julidans NEXT: Trança

Thiago Granato (BR/DE)

Julidans NEXT: Trança

Thiago Granato (BR/DE)


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Thiago Granato is an emerging talent from Brazil. From his current hometown of Berlin, he gets invited everywhere in Europe. As a choreographer, Granato is particularly interested in movement itself - all the ways in which a body can express itself and how we recognize these abstract codes as emotions or communication.

Sat 6 & Sun 7 July
Melkweg Upstairs

Dutch premiere

50 minutes
No intermission
€15 / €10 in combination with the main program
Julidans Young €10

Hypnotic dance journey that begins with the hands.

Trança is a physical journey that starts at the hands of the performer. From there the dance develops and becomes more and more complex and complete - a demonstration of the power of a body. Trança is a fascinating, hypnotic performance in the intimate Melkweg Theatre venue.

This solo is the second part of the Choreoversations trilogy, a series of imaginary collaborations by Granato with other choreographers - who are still alive, have died or were not even born yet.

This performance can be seen at our Julidans NEXT talent stage. Granato worked as a choreography assistant on The Quiet by Jefta van Dinther, which can be seen on the same date in the main Julidans program. We definitely recommend both performances. Which is possible as they will be shown one after another.