Julidans NL: Mermaids & Ü


Julidans NL: Mermaids & Ü

Dereck Cayla (NL/FR) / Antonin Comestaz (NL/FR)


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Julidans NL: Mermaids & Ü
04 Jul '19
Dereck Cayla (NL/FR) / Antonin Comestaz (NL/FR)

Mermaids are a hybrid of nature and people. These mythical creatures inspired Dereck Cayla - who for many years was a dancer at ICK Amsterdam - to create a duet about our human nature. Two dancers follow the sensations and pulsations of their bodies on route to their inner world, which they attempt to give form in motion. And in Chris Watson's soundtrack - in which recordings of natural sounds play a major role - we also hear echoes of both our closed inner nature and the vast universe beyond.

Thur 4 July

100 minutes

No intermission

Theater Bellevue

About mermaids, people and the Ü mating dance.

After graduating, the French choreographer danced in performances by Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten, such as ROCCO, youPARA|DISO, La Commedia, Addio alla fine and EXTREMALISM. Cayla also featured in work by Julidans friends Nicole Beutler, Andrea Božić and Robyn Orlin. In 2015 he left ICK Amsterdam to focus on his work as a choreographer. He stayed connected to the company as a teacher and created Mermaids with the support of ICK. Cayla himself can be seen on stage in Mermaids, together with ICK-dancer Victor Callens.

Cayla's compatriot Antonin Comestaz sees two puppets in the German letter ü whose heads meet in the middle. This observation gave Comestaz the idea for a duet about the uncertain dating phase that precedes a romantic relationship. In Ü, two dancers perform a mating ritual, where they playfully try to approach each other and work out whether they are suitable for each other.

Comestaz, who lives and works in The Hague, danced with leading companies in Europe, such as the Ballet of the Paris Opera, Hamburg Ballet, Ballet Mainz and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. Since 2013 he has been creating his own work: appealing and virtuous, absurd and playful. In 2018 Comestaz received the BNG Bank Dance Award for his performance Surface Image. Ü is a Korzo production, specially made for Dansclick, and an adaptation of the performance Surface Image, a full-length performance by Codarts and De Doelen Rotterdam.

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