Lieve Stad, - I am

Lieve Stad 2022

Lieve Stad, - I am

Michael Varekamp / Smita James


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Lieve Stad, - I am
Michael Varekamp / Smita James
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Amsterdam is a metropolis that continuously expresses the diversity, individuality and cohesion of people. It is a legacy of the coming and going of ever-nesting footprints in the DNA of our loving city. Here you can blend in with the crowd or stand for who you are. This is the place where you can recognise love in the eyes of the other. During the Lieve Stad Festival 2022 you will be taken through moments that lead to a sparkling declaration of love to our Amsterdam.

Start 19:30 hrs
Location Grote Zaal
Duration 75 minutes

With In Gesprek

In five chapters, we tell the stories of the birth of Amsterdam; history stories, personal stories and love stories. All these stories together form the DNA of the city and the blueprint of love.

Amsterdam is the personification of our collective togetherness and during "I Am!" we rediscover the stories that underpin it.

I Blood & Soil - Migration - City of Amsterdam & Amsterdammers
II Heartbeat - Identity - Events
III Strange Eyes - Image - Culture & Sub-Cultures
IV Skin - Experience - Heritage
V Soul & Bliss - Being

Retrieving memories

On 25 March 2022, trumpeter Michael Varekamp and spoken word artist Smita James will reminisce in the name of love, the love for Amsterdam, but also take the temperature. Is it still those beautiful canals, are we still surrounded by the city's liberality? Or are the people the essence and is Amsterdam who you are? Together with Poetronic, the band of Michael Varekamp and Smita James will take the stage during the Lieve Stad Festival by Meervaart Theater in collaboration with Internationaal Theater Amsterdam to get a clear view of the stories that carry this love.

Michael Varekamp
Trumpeter Michael Varekamp has been playing all over the world for thirty years, in a variety of musical projects. He has worked with David Murray, Branford Marsalis and was part of the European quintet of Miles Davis alumnus Sonny Fortune. He performed at Jazz at Lincoln Center New York and received the Kobe Award in Japan. He wrote music for the film Shabu, which won the IDFA Award for Best Youth Documentary in 2021, and can be seen next season in the show 'Pryor' by George and Eran Productions, for which he also wrote the music, and in 'Heroes' by his regular company The Legends.

Michael Varekamp has an astonishing sound and beautiful phrasing...'. -Le Monde, Paris

-|-Smita James
Smita James is a rhythmic orator. A writer who writes stories away from shoulders. Driven by dreams, wishes, people, thoughts and life, she translates emotions into her poems. She tells the stories of our hearts in the silence of our breathing or on the beat with spoken word. Together with Chris Ci she forms the formation Poetronic and they take you along on their electronic waves and ambient spoken word.

25 March - 3 april

Lieve Stad,

Amsterdam is a city of many faces, literally, because we live here together with many different nationalities. Lieve Stad is about the city and all its inhabitants. This festival, a collaboration between ITA and Meervaart, is about bringing people together, in the city, in the theatre, in society. How do we live together and what stories do all individuals and groups carry with them? They all have their own stories, strengths and challenges. Showing these is the starting point of Lieve Stad.