Flight 49


Flight 49

ITA-ensemble / Simon Stone


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Flight 49
ITA-ensemble / Simon Stone

Flight 49 brings people together after a plane crash. Strangers seek support from each other after the loss of their loved ones, friends, family members. The Australian director Simon Stone was inspired by motifs from Herman Heijermans' classic Op hoop van zegen (The good hope).

"In Flight 49, director Simon Stone peels off the impact of a national disaster layer by layer." - NRC

"Strong acting". - Volkskrant

Duration 3:00 (including intermission)
Genre Theatre
Language Dutch, with English surtitles on Thursdays
Opening night 26 september 2020

Simon Stone writes his plays during the rehearsal process. The writing took Stone to a completely new text, in which he places the quintessentially Dutch classic in the 21st century. Family members and friends of passengers gather in the arrivals hall of an airport when an aircraft disappears from the radar.

Op hoop van zegen (The good hope), Herman Heijermans' play from 1900, concentrates on a fishing village. Time and time again, it has sent its fathers and sons out to sea and has learned to live with the victims and deaths that fishing on open sea demands. The families seek support and comfort from one another and conform to the destiny and will of God. "God takes us and we take the fish."

Flight 49 brings family members and friends of passengers together when their worst nightmare becomes reality and the plane with their loved ones crashes. Stone follows the relatives but also introduces the public to the victims in flashbacks. A kaleidoscopic journey takes place in the lives of dozens of men, women and children. In the last part, the relatives find each other again during a national memorial.

Stone shows how people in 2020 are fighting with fate and trying to contain anger and desperation. But he also shows moments of empathy, comfort and resilience. Recognition of what unites us all: a need for love and life as an exercise in parting. He himself calls his piece "a catalog of grief": a fragmented story in which the fragments of lives are put together in the hope of creating meaning from loss and chaos.

In the press

"At one point the theatrical reality nicely coincides with the actual space: in a memorial ceremony in the Amsterdam theater, the relatives remember their deceased relatives. Then we suddenly see how the world inside and outside the theater are intertwined. Mourning is also: trying to give form and language to abstractions while searching, impossible but necessary ". – NRC

"That produces beautiful scenes - how a sullen Hans Kesting, faltering with grief, stubbornly keeps staring at the sea where his daughter has disappeared; or the soul-moving tug of war between mother Christina (Chris Nietvelt) and daughter-in-law Jo (Maria Kraakman) about whom Daniel knew best". - Volkskrant

"As the performance progresses, the stage image becomes more abstract; in time, the next of kin become more and more alienated from everyday reality. We see their memories of the deceased and how they subsequently deal with their grief. The result is beautiful emotional drama by Chris Nietvelt, Hugo Koolschijn and Maarten Heijmans, among others.” - NRC


Language NP Language no problem Ilke Paddenburg Ilke Paddenburg
Language NP Language no problem Maarten Heijmans Maarten Heijmans
Language NP Language no problem Achraf Koutet Achraf Koutet
Language NP Language no problem Janni Goslinga Janni Goslinga
Language NP Language no problem Maria Kraakman Maria Kraakman
Language NP Language no problem Joy Delima Joy Delima
Language NP Language no problem Hugo Koolschijn Hugo Koolschijn
Language NP Language no problem Chris Nietvelt Chris Nietvelt
Language NP Language no problem Hans Kesting Hans Kesting
Simon Stone
Simon Stone

Australian director, actor and writer Simon Stone (1984) is one of the most acclaimed theatre-makers in the international circuit.

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after Herman Heijermans
text and direction Simon Stone
story Simon Stone, Peter van Kraaij
with Joy Delima, Janni Goslinga, Maarten Heijmans, Hugo Koolschijn, Achraf Koutet, Maria Kraakman, Chris Nietvelt, Ilke Paddenburg, Bart Slegers
dramaturgy Peter van Kraaij
scenography Bob Cousins
light design James Farncombe
costume design An D'Huys
composer Rutger Reinders
assistant director Daniel ’t Hoen, Sally Merres
assistant scenographyRamón Huijbrechts
assistant dramaturgy Goya van den Berg (intern)
assistant costume design Daphne Karstens
co-production deSingel Antwerpen, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
private producer Rob and Mirjam van den Bergh, Hendrik Jan ten Have and Gabriella de Rooij, Willem and Paula van der Schoot-van Voorst
production partner Ammodo

head of technical staff Reyer Meeter
production Michiel van Schijndel, Eva Sol
technical producerJoost Verlinden
technical staff Sebastiaan Kruijs (stage manager), Pepijn van Beek, Bart Coenen, Sander van Elteren, Caroline de Jong, Peter Pieksma, Pieter Roodbeen, Michel Smouter, Mark Thewessen, Casper Verberg (intern), Jeffrey van Vloten, Jordi Wolswijk, Paul van der Zouwe
implementation decor Levtec, Kloosterboer and Polyvision
camera Boris de Ruijter (film), Dim Balsem (photo)
costumes department Farida Bouhbouh, Wim van Vliet (head)
clothingClaudia Pellegrini
hair & grime Mirjam Venema
casting adviceHans Kemna
photography Jan Versweyveld
graphical design Serena Kloet, studio ITA
publicityJoris van den Ring-Bax
actors film Omar Ahaddaf, Mouad Ben Chaib, Jip van den Dool, Daniël ’t Hoen, Anna Keuning, Lykele Muus
extra's Mohanad Abukhadra, Garmt Koopmans, Jan van Lijssel, Thomas van der Son
special thanks to Stedelijk Museum, Elias Eden van Kraaij, Daan Hazendonk, Ben Streek, Dennis Slot, Arjen Klerkx