Public rehearsal The Cherry Orchard

ITA–Ensemble / Simon McBurney

Public rehearsal The Cherry Orchard

ITA–Ensemble / Simon McBurney


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Take a sneak peak during the public rehearsal of The Cherry Orchard while Simon McBurney lays the final touch before the opening. Uncensored!

Dramaturgical introduction in Dutch
Public rehearsal in English and Dutch

Note: this event may feature only some selected scenes

What does a director do to bring a text to life? How does an actor crawl into his character’s skin? Have you always wondered what really goes on behind the stage of a threatre production? Then you are most welcome to attend International Theater Amsterdam’s Public Rehearsals.

After a half-hour long dramaturgical introduction you can attend and enjoy one and a half hour of the latest directorial instructions before the play premieres. Depending on the rehearsal process you will see a specific scene multiple times or you will see a larger part of the play. Some directors whisper instructions into their actor’s ears while others observe in meditative silence, but one thing is certain, it will be an uncensored, exciting peek behind the scenes.

The cherry orchard

Chekhov’s final play portrays the painful demise of people who live in the illusion of their past life and do not understand modern times. The cherry orchard has become unprofitable over time. They used to make jam from the cherries. But even old manservant Firs, who worked on the estate all his life, has forgotten the recipe by now.

The future belongs to capitalists and fast money. In The cherry orchard, the roles are literally reversed. Lopakhin buys the house where his father once worked as a servant. The man who used to be without possessions has become the owner. Ranevskaya still has land, but no money. She is unable to change her way of thinking.

The detailed portrait of people living in futile yearning for something that no longer exists has made The cherry orchard grow into one of the most beloved plays of the global repertoire. Internationally renowned English director Simon McBurney directs the ensemble.