21 Mar '22 to 23 Mar '22
Het Nationale Theater / Theu Boermans
1+ rank € 41.5 / 1st rank € 38.5 / 2nd rank € 36 / 3rd rank € 31 / 4th rank € 22.5 / 5th rank 13

A physician and scientist plummets into a deep existential crisis when he realises that years of studying have yielded no real knowledge about the meaning of life. Faust decides to plunge into life one last time – “living himself to death”: that is the motto. In a night-time trip full of debauchery, Faust meets the mysterious Mafisto, the lovely Akira, the classic Helena and many other strange characters. But the meaning of life is not revealed. A classic story full of spectacle, science fiction and literary word art.

Start time 19:00
Duration tba
Location Grote Zaal 
Language Dutch

Free adaptation by Tom Lanoye

At Theu Boermans' request, Tom Lanoye wrote a dizzying new Faust, which he titled OustFaust. Because although he closely follows Goethe, Lanoye seizes all the freedom to expel the classic Faust: 'to oust' as the English say. With the choice of Romana Vrede as Faust, all proportions are on edge.

OustFaust is a 21st-century version of Goethe's classic, which centres on the great questions of life: why is there suffering? And can a better life be made, for example with the help of religion or science? With OustFaust, Theu Boermans bids a resounding farewell to Het Nationale Theater with a performance full of crackling contrasts. A philosophical road trip through Faust's mind, full of poetry and music in a grand stage design.


text Tom Lanoye
direction Theu Boermans
Mark Rietman, Joris Smit, Romana Vrede and others
stage design Bernhard Hammer

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