03 Nov '20 to 04 Nov '20
Theater Utrecht / DOX / Casper Vandeputte

Just as an earthquake can cause a tidal wave thousands of miles away, we are a product of the wave of our history. Eight young performers speak passionately and honestly about the earthquake that shaped them.

start time 19:30
duration tba
language Dutch
venue Rabozaal

About Quake

Quake is an energetic musical (dance) performance of a group of young multi-talented people. They investigate how our past lives on in us. That search sometimes raises difficult questions. Can we shatter the shock waves of the past?

Director Casper Vandeputte: “There seems to be a social trend in which more and more people are delving into where they come from, whether that is by researching their family tree, doing a DNA test or by diving back into our national history. We want to know what we are made of and what has shaped us. That knowledge is enriching but also raises questions. Are we nothing more than particles that transmit the tremors? Or can we break free from what has happened before us?”

Theater Utrecht, the Utrecht city company, collaborated for this performance with the DOX youth company, a platform for theatre, urban arts and all (sub) cultures of today. Quake is a disarming performance in which eight young dancing, talking, singing, professional and self-made talents find each other on stage.


direction Casper Vandeputte
cast Ali Zanad, Daniel Kolf, Giovanni Pisas, Isabelle Houdtzagers, Isabelle Kafando, Juan Zyad, Melisa Diktas, Noah van der Burgt
choreography Melvin Fraenk (Artbeat) en Cagdas Gülum (Artbeat)
music Tom van Wee (Artbeat)
set design Marc Warning
costume design Daphne de Winkel
coproduction Theater Utrecht en DOX


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