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Joy Delima / Joeri Vos / ArTEZ Theaterschool / ITA-ensemble
€ 25

During her education at the ArtEZ Theatre School Joy Delima wrote a monologue about her political awakening in the field of racism and exclusion. The performance, in which she is looking for the answer to the question “Who am I?”. This play is in Dutch, there are no surtitles.

Duration 1 hour
Genre Theater
Dutch spoken, no surtitles

About the play

In a series of quickly sketched, short, comic and personal monologues, she talks about her search for her roots and about her experiences as a young black woman in the Netherlands. She traces her roots and her own political awakening in the field of institutional racism and exclusion.

“I suddenly seem to be black. Yes, I was black before, but ever since moving to Arnhem I keep being reminded of it. I was not at all concerned with being black when I lived in Rotterdam. I was just me, and everywhere I looked there were people like me. But now that I am the “only one”, I suddenly feel the need to take on The Responsibility for The Whole Black Community. I am becoming a kind of undercover superhero. It practically happened overnight.”

“I am leafing through my father’s family tree book and suddenly come to a page that I have never seen before. It is a page that is folded double. On this map, the family tree goes all the way back to 1600…”.


text and performance Joy Delima
direction and text guidance Joeri Vos
in collaboration with ArtEZ Toneelschool Arnhem

From the Press

“Delima can rely on her versatile performance. She effortlessly portrays at least ten characters.” – de Volkskrant★★★★

“Here, Delima makes it clear that institutional racism is not a well-organised story, not a simple question of “right or wrong”, but a comprehensive, complex and often sophisticated whole, which should be illuminated from all sides if it is to be recognised, named, and contested. – de Volkskrant ★★★★

“For her role in Onze straat by Daria Bukvić , Delima was nominated for a Colombina (for an internship! Is that unique? Does anyone know if this is unique? Let's call it unique) and in Stamboom Monologen she also shows herself to be a gifted and charismatic actor. She navigates easily between different playing styles without ever losing the strong sense of intimacy with her audience.” – Theaterkrant (Marijn Lems)

-|-“In short, intersected portraits, Delima assembles herself through her search for her origins. The sober setting - there is only a small bench - puts all the focus on her performance. And that is impressive: with minimal changes in facial expression, physical movement and intonation, she knows how to bring about enormous transformations.” Theaterkrant (Sander Janssens)

“An infectious chunk of joie de vivre on a bed of mild social criticism.” – Noordhollands Dagblad

“Delima enthusiastically disproves the dichotomy in the thinking about origin and colour. And that provides a wonderful evening of theatre.” – Gooi– en Eemlander

Joy Delima
Joy Delima

Joy Delima has joined the ITA ensemble in season 20|21.

In season 22|23 Delima will play in the revival of The doctor (director Robert Icke).

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