The Fountain


The Fountain

Fernando Belfiore (NL/BR)


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The Fountain
05 Jul '19 to 06 Jul '19
Fernando Belfiore (NL/BR)

For his new 'social sculpture work' The Fountain, Brazilian choreographer Fernando Belfiore borrowed an exciting idea from artist Joseph Beuys: that art has the power to change social reality by means of human activity. Belfiore uses the fountain and the water as metaphors for today's world, with its tremendous environmental problems and social inequality. However, the sculptures also stand for the power of the creativity of the community to search for solutions.

Fri 5 July 19.00
Sat 6 July 16.00
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Studio 1


60 minutes
no intermission
Julidans Young €10

Art can change the world.

The fountain, source or water pump used to have a social function. It was the water provision for a whole community and was a place where people met each other. This is the starting point for a performance about conservative movements in politics, which view the world as something which must be consumed by the people. The environmental problems which occur as a result of that vision meanwhile threaten our living environment, our living community. At the same time, it is that community which holds the power for change.

It must be clear: Fernando Belfiore is a committed artist. What he wants to achieve above all with his work is impact. 'The young producer creates strong sculptures which stick', Theaterkrant wrote in a four-star review. Belfiore was one of the ten artists who was invited for the Dutch Olympic Cultural Programme in Rio De Janeiro, in 2016 - a great recognition of his talent.

Belfiore was intrigued by the mix of different elements in performance. He combines dance, theatre and visual arts. His works are intense and challenging. He seeks forms of involvement with the public, as a way of being an influence on society. We also see that reflected in his new performance The Fountain, which will have its world premiere at Julidans.

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