WijOok jr.


WijOok jr.

ITA-junior / Muriël Besemer / Ayse Nur Salli / Joanne Purperhart / Nilay Ceber / Martha Villada Marquez / Nouf Rafea


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WijOok jr.
ITA-junior / Muriël Besemer / Ayse Nur Salli / Joanne Purperhart / Nilay Ceber / Martha Villada Marquez / Nouf Rafea

WijOok jr. is a performance by fifty young girls from Amsterdam that deals with emancipation, roots, dreams and that NOW is the moment.

Duration 45 minutes
Language Dutch

So fuck the norm. Because you and I, we'll be fine.

Every season, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam creates a performance with and for young people. As a starting point, we choose a theme from one of ITA's performances. This theme is the starting point of an investigation. The joint research of the young people and the professional theatre and dance makers who accompany them results in a performance that is performed for the public. This year, our source of inspiration is the Adelheid Roosen proect Doula’s van de Stad (Doulas of the City).

In WijOok jr., fifty girls are given the space to explore their femininity. The daughters of Amsterdam who are the future of this country. Who formulate their own answers to current questions. Who provide old truths with a new perspective. Young women who take up the challenge of taking a step in the here and now. A step into the new era. Girls with a self-awareness that is greater than ever, with the power of a multicultural gender-fluid truth and the potential to lead the world from a new inspiration. In which collective comes first, because change is not something you achieve alone. We ask you – man, woman, boy, girl and everything in between - to search and dream with us.

WijOok jr. deals with emancipation, roots, dreams and that NOW is the moment.


made and performed by
CAST A Anna Tetenburg, Chardonnay Rillen, Che van Vorstenbosch, Georgina Walker, Imme van Dijk, Julia Jacobs, Laura Harder, Laurine Hemmes, Paula Stet, Roos Posthumus, Suzy Schagen, Tamira Bovill, Tessel Muntz and Whitney Prinse
Cast A performs on 20 (evening), 24, 27 (day) February and 1 (evening), 8 (day), 9 (evening), 21 (14:00) & 23 (day) March

CAST B Aïsha Valerius, Allis Richardson, Belle Broeke, Coco ter Heide, Eline Fennis, Gala Polianski, Isra Durmus, Lisa Linkwitz, Meike Derksen, Rosa Postmus, Roza Straub, Rozan Hillenbrandt, Valentina Caporossi and Zoey Rogaar
Cast B performs on 21, 25 February and 1 (day), 2 (evening), 9 (day), 21 (12:00) & 22 (evening) March

CAST C Anna Lieve Stigter, Charlotte van Brakel, Donatella Krielaart, Elena Slijper, Fien de Bruijne, Fiep Mulderije, Jasmijn van Gend, Jente van den Brenk, Joline Velthuijsen, Luar Maciel Bertolino, Nikya Esselink, Serenity Proeger and Thalia Schumacher
Cast C performs on 22, 26 & 27 (evening) February and 2 (day), 8 (evening), 20 (14:00), 22 (day) & 23 (evening) March

direction Muriël Besemer, Ayşe Nur Salli, Bodil Loos, Joanne Purperhart, Nilay Ceber, Martha Villada Marquez and Nouf Rafea
scenography Lisanne Bovee
lighting design and technical staff Anouk Steenbakkers
sound design and technical staff Marcel Sman
1e inspiciënt Arist Richartz
assistant director Liselotte Zwart
dramaturgy Rosa Fontein
production Michiel van Schijndel, Emma van Buuren en Fleur van der Lugt
communication Iris Istha
fotography Josefiene Degenaar
fotography campaign image Simon Schoo
project leader Wilma Smilde
research Jenaida Zijdemans
education Rosa Fontein, Liselotte Zwart, Leonne De Jong, Jelt Pekaar, Nouf Rafea, Bodil Loos and Jenaida Zijdemans
theatre teachers Martha Villada Marquez, Ayse Nur Salli, Liselotte Zwart, Nouf Rafea, Leonne de jong, Marieke van Schaik, Lotte van Heusden a.o.
online project Liselotte Zwart, Nancy Boutros, Nzinga Nortan

with thanks to Bijlmerparktheater, Daphne De Bruin, De Gasten, Dorelia Schraven, Eveline Baçe, Fé van Woensel, Jasmijn Geelen, Kira-Nerys Kemble, Maria Kraakman, Marieke Heebink, De Meervaart, Monèzra Rudge, Tolhuistuin, Wim van Vliet and Zora de Vos
with support from Imdesto Foundation


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