Admission prices, grades and discounts

The prices are stated next to the performances. For children up to 15 years, special prices apply for youth performances. Students can pay with the Culture Card. It can be advantageous to buy your tickets well ahead of time. ITA uses Dynamic pricing, which means that prices can increase as fewer seats remain available. The Siren Sale is our monthly promotion, which starts as the alarm sirens sound on the first Monday morning of every month. Last minute discount campaigns do not apply to tickets already purchased. The discount prices are not valid in combination with other discounts, unless stated otherwise.

The Grote Zaal of the ITA has five grades of seats. On top of that you can also make a reservation for our comfort seats, which provide you with extra legroom.

The Rabozaal has four grades.

In the Grote Zaal, extra legroom is available in row 4 of the auditorium, row 3 on the 1st Balcony and row 2 on the 2nd Balcony. The 1st row on the Balconies offer little legroom.

In the Rabozaal there is more legroom in the front rows, row 1 to row 4, provided that no seats have been removed or the stage has been extended. If these rows are not available, you may want to sit on the corner of a row.

In the Grote Zaal we distinguish between seats with better and lesser visibility of the stage using different grades and prices. The 1+ grade offers the best view, the 5th grade the least good. Sometimes poor visibility seats or listening seats are sold cheaply at musical theatre and opera performances. In these seats you can hear everything, but not see everything.

In our Rabozaal you have an unobstructed view of the stage from all seats. Places further away from the stage are cheaper.

If the performance is surtitled, we try to check if it is easy to read in all places. If not, we will mention this. This can vary per production and is not always known in advance. The English surtitles of performances of the ITA ensemble (on Thursdays) can be comfortably read from row 9.

Every first Monday of the month - from the moment the Amsterdam sirens sound at noon - you can buy a 50% discount ticket for a performance. We choose a performance for you every month. There are 100 tickets available, gone = gone.

This is how it works: the Siren performance will be announced on Monday at 12 noon via the special Siren Sale newsletter and on our website. Because Mondays are fairly busy at the box office, we advise you to buy your tickets online. Tickets for the Siren performance can be purchased via the website and at the cash desk. The Siren Sale lasts 24 hours, i.e. from Monday 12.00 noon until Tuesday 12.00 noon, while stocks last.

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Internationaal Theater Amsterdam uses 'dynamic pricing': prices can rise as fewer seats remain available. Those who buy, therefore always buy tickets at the cheapest rate (and can choose the best seats).

Because the prices are variable, we mention 'from prices' in our printed matter. Online, you will immediately see the current price displayed. If the price is increased after you have placed your reservation, the price at the time of booking will apply. Reservations expire after a week, so make sure to pick up your reserved tickets within a week.

With the Podium Gift Card you can give a unique night out as a gift. With this card, the recipient can purchase tickets for all kinds of performances: theatre, dance or concert. The Podium Gift Card is therefore always a made-to-measure gift! You can purchase and redeem the gift card from us. The card can be purchased online and at our box office.

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