Kidd Pivot / Crystal Pite & Jonathon Young


Kidd Pivot / Crystal Pite & Jonathon Young


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When choreographer Crystal Pite and theatre-maker Jonathon Young work together, this results in theatrical fireworks that keep shimmering for a long time. After Betroffenheit during Julidans 2017 in Amsterdam, they're now taking on vintage political comedy as a starting point.

No intermission
Genre Dance & Theatre

Dutch premiere
English spoken with Dutch surtitles

Dance and theatre in exuberant performance about greed and corruption.

In De Revisor (1836) the Russian writer Nikolay Gogol hid his social criticism in a classic 'comedy of mistakes' about greed and corruption. Even Czar Nicolas I is said to have laughed at it. On the basis of this political comedy, Crystal Pite and Jonathon Young are taking a look at the weaknesses in our society. It's a performance as exuberant as it is astute, in which dance and theatre go hand in hand.

The Canadian Crystal Pite is one of the great stars of today's dance scene. She regularly works with Nederlands Dans Theater. When she collaborates with her fellow countryman, Jonathon Young, it provides 'a stunning demonstration of what can happen when life becomes art', in the words of the British newspaper The Globe and Mail, the impressive Betroffenheit was good enough for an Olivier Award, the highest award in British theatre.

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★★★★★ The Telegraph:
‘a nightmarish, beautiful, mind-blowing journey’

★★★★★ Independent:
‘marvelously danced and superbly staged’

★★★★★ Financial Times:
‘witty, intelligent and utterly absorbing’

★★★★★ The Guardian:
'This stunning work is imprinted on my brain.' - Vancouver Sun


concept Crystal Pite and Jonathon Young
tekst Jonathon Young
choreografie en regie Crystal Pite
compositie en geluid Owen Belton, Alessandro Juliani en Meg Roe
scenografie Jay Gower Taylor
lichtontwerp Tom Visser
kostuums Nancy Bryant
assistent van de makers Eric Beauchesne

Cast and characters dancers
Doug Letheren Director of the Complex
Jermaine Spivey Postmaster Wieland
Gregory Lau Misha
Rena Narumi Interrogator Klak
Ella Rothschild Minister Desouza
David Raymond Doctor Harlow
Cindy Salgado Anna (Wife of the Director)
David Raymond Osip (Assistant to the Revisor)
Tiffany Tregarthen (The Revisor)
Renee Sigouin Swing / Minister Desouza

Meg Roe Narrator / Inspector
Scott McNeil Director of the Complex
Alessandro Juliani Postmaster Wieland
Kathleen Barr Interrogator Klak
Nicola Lipman Minister Desouza
Gerard Plunkett Doctor Harlow
Amy Rutherford Anna
Ryan Beil Osip
Jonathon Young The Revisor

Voice Director Meg Roe
Technical Director Jeff Harrison
Stage Manager Izzy Robinson
Lighting and Sound Technician Lukas McCormick
Wig and Wardrobe Coordinator Stevie Hale Jones
Set and Prop Construction Great Northern Way Scene Shop
Cutter Janet Dundas
Costume Assistant Alaia Hamer
Stitchers Megan Veaudry, Jen Reid, Christine Pampel
Headpiece Sculptor Heidi Wilkinson
Company Manager on Tour Brent Belsher
Executive Producer Jim Smith
Producer Francesca Piscopo
Associate Producer Sabine Rouque

Cover photo: Tiffany Tregarthen by Michael Slobodian

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