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Your visit to ITA during the Holland Festival

Like ITA, the Holland Festival adheres to the current corona measures, as drawn up by the RIVM and the Dutch government. As long as the coronavirus is not yet under control, testing can help to step by step make more possible. The national government wants to use testing for access in order to facilitate social activities in a safe way.

In concrete terms, this means that in order to gain access to the performances taking place at ITA during the Holland Festival, in addition to your admission ticket you must also be able to present a negative test result in the form of a QR code in the CoronaCheck app.

This works in the following way:

  • You make an appointment via 'Testen voor toegang' and get tested within 40 hours before the start of the performance.
  • You will receive an e-mail with the result of your test.
  • If you do not have Corona, you will receive the negative test result.
  • You can then use the app CoronaCheck to turn your test result into a test certificate.
  • This certificate takes the form of a QR code.
  • You have this QR code scanned at the entrance of ITA.

Please note: only test results that are scheduled via Testen voor toegang are accepted for access.

On the Testen voor toegang website you will find an extensive FAQ section.


How and where can I book tickets?

You can book your tickets online via this website.

Where can I find my account or My ITA?

On the website you will find your account under My ITA.

If you want to check if you already have an account, you can take the following steps:
• Click Forgot your password? at I HAVE AN ACCOUNT.
• A new screen will open, where you can enter your e-mail address and click on Request password.
• If the red message “It was not possible to find someone with your entered e-mail address” appears, you do not have an account yet and you can create one.
• If no red message appears, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.
• We ask you to create a new password of at least 8 characters and use both lower and upper case letters, a number and a symbol.
• You then log in automatically.
• And now that you are in your account, you can immediately check your data and adjust your contact preferences.

I can’t remember if I have an account, what should I do?

If you can't remember if you have an account or not, click on Forgot your password? and fill in your email address. If your email address is not recognized, you do not have an account yet.

If you already have an account, Choose a password of at least 8 characters and use both lower and upper case letters, a number and a symbol.

I have not received my e-tickets / I have lost my e-tickets. What should I do?

You will also find the tickets in your ITA account 24 hours after completing your online order. Log in to your personal page. You can also print your tickets here. If this does not work, please contact our box office (+31 (0)20 624 23 11).

I have not printed my tickets. Can I show the e-tickets on my mobile phone?

It is possible to scan the tickets from a mobile phone.

I have lost my tickets, what should I do?

If you have ordered the tickets online, you can find them after 24 hours in your ITA-account. If you have ordered the tickets at the box office or by telephone, the box office can print new cards for you. This costs € 2.

I cannot go to the show, can I return or exchange my tickets?

You may exchange the tickets for a different date, a different performance or for an ITA-voucher. This is possible until one day before the show at the latest. For this you can contact our box office at +31 (0)20 624 23 11. We charge € 5 for exchanging tickets.

I have received an ITA-voucher, how can I redeem it?

You can redeem an ITA-voucher online (by entering the number), at the box office or by telephone (+31 (0)20 624 23 11). The expiry date on the ITA-voucher is unfortunately binding (13 months), after this date it cannot be redeemed. However, the date of the ordered show does not have to take place within this date. The ITA-voucher cannot be used for performances of the Holland Festival.

Can I pay with the 'Podiumcadeaukaart'?

Yes, we accept the 'Podiumcadeaukaart' as payment at the checkout. You can also redeem this by telephone, provided you have the card with you and know the balance.

When will the ticket amount be debited from my credit card?

When you pay with your credit card, the ticket amount is immediately debited.

FAQ concerning the Corona measures

Is Testen voor Toegang (Testing for Admission) mandatory?

Yes. During the Holland Festival, ITA will take part in Toegang voor Testen (Testing for Admission). In order to gain access to the performances, every visitor with an admission ticket must be tested within 40 hours before the start of the performance in question. An appointment can be scheduled via

Please note: only test results scheduled via Toegang voor Testen (Testing for Admission) will be accepted for admission. The e-mail you receive from Toegang voor Testen (Testing for Admission) with your negative test result contains a unique code. In the CoronaCheck app you convert this code into a digital test certificate.

What if my test is positive?

If you are Tested for Admission and your test results are positive, your ticket will only be refunded if you inform the box office ( before the performance.

How expensive is it to do a test?

The cost of the access test is currently paid for by the national government. There are therefore no costs for you as a visitor.

Which hygiene measures always apply within ITA?

The same measures apply within ITA as in the rest of society:

- Wash / disinfect your hands regularly: soap and water for 20 seconds, then dry hands thoroughly with paper towels.
- Cough and sneeze inside the elbow.
- Use tissue paper to blow the nose and then throw these wipes away. Then wash your hands.
- Do not shake hands and avoid physical contact.
- Keep 1.5 meters (2 arm lengths) from others.

Can I come to the theater, or should I stay at home?

You are most welcome in our theater. However, government measures require you to stay at home if:
- you have a cold, such as: nose cold; runny nose, sore throat; mild cough, and / or; elevation (up to 38 degrees Celsius) or fever.
- you have a housemate who has a cold and fever (above 38 degrees Celsius) and / or shortness of breath.

You are welcome again if you and your housemates are free of complaints for at least 24 hours.

What changes to ticket sales as a result of corona?

Ticket sales have been adjusted to the corona measures as follows:
- The theater visitor buys a ticket in advance via the ITA website.
- Telephone sales and sales at the cash register are not possible.
- During ticket sales, it is made clear that people can come in pairs, provided they run a joint household.

Visitors are requested to print or download their tickets on the mobile phone.

A few days prior to the performance, the visitor will receive an instruction email containing:
- the most current information;
- the reception time;
- the procedure in the theater (walking routes, self-scan, etc.)
- the statement that wardrobes and catering are not in use;
- the request to come by own transport and to avoid public transport;
- the urgent request to stay at home with health problems (cough, nose cold, fever from 38 degrees, shortness of breath, ...).

In addition to the general visitor conditions, visitors agree to the hygiene measures and the measures for health complaints. This will be included in the instruction email.

Can admission to the theater be refused?

To ensure the safety of visitors and staff, a check-up with a health check takes place with each visitor at the entrance of our theater. The visitor is asked about the following health complaints:
- Do you have a sneeze?
- Do you have a sore throat?
- Do you have a runny nose?
- Do you have a cough?
- Do you have a fever?

Before you can visit the theater, you must be able to answer "no" to all the above questions before the start of the visit.

If the answer to one or more of the above questions is "yes", it is unfortunately not allowed to visit the theater. Access will then be refused. The visitor is contacted the next working day by an employee of the Box Office about the follow-up procedure.

How does your theater visit looks like?

Immediately after entering, guests will see signs with the applicable house rules. An audit interview is held by employees of the ITA public service. Self-scanning devices are available at the entrance, with which tickets can be scanned hygienically and without contact. An ITA employee will assist visitors if necessary and will also ensure that the 1.5 meter rule is followed.

The visitor follows the route to the hall by means of arrows. At the room, guests will be received by an ITA employee. The 1.5 meter is indicated by several clear ground stickers, which are indicated on the walking routes.

Wardrobes are not in use. Any coats and bags can be taken into the room. Visitors can put these coats and bags on the chair next to them.

What measures does ITA take so that everyone can keep a sufficient distance from each other?

We have taken measures throughout the theater, so that our visitors and our employees can keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. Adapted routes have been created, so that every visitor is guided to the place in the hall with as little delay as possible. All available chairs are always at least 1.5 meters apart.

Doors are open so visitors don't have to touch door handles. There are enough employees available to show visitors the way and thus guarantee a smooth passage. It is only possible to pin in our theater.

Are the foyers and bars open?

The bars in the foyers in the theater are closed. However, the ITA-Brasserie is open, where - after reservation - you can go, via the entrance on Leidseplein.

Is the wardrobe open?

The wardrobe is closed for security reasons. Visitors take the jacket into the hall and can put it on the seats next to them, which are kept free to monitor the 1.5 meter distance.

How do you enter the venue?

If the hall doors have not yet been opened, we will indicate by means of various ground stickers where visitors can wait at a safe distance. Placing in the hall is done on the instructions of the ITA employees.

Before the performance, visitors are instructed on the rules that apply in the hall. It also states that it is not possible to use the toilets during the performance. It will also be announced what the procedure will be after the performance.

How many people are allowed in the room?

The one and a half meter rule is taken into account throughout the visit to the theater. No more visitors are allowed in one room so that this rule can be enforced. The number of tickets that we make available for a performance is adjusted to this.

Can I sit next to my family / roommate / partner?

When booking tickets for a performance during the corona measures, it will be possible to choose a row, but no seat number. Admission tickets are bought without a specific seat. The evening of the performance, the ITA employee will assign you the row so you can insert.

Is there an intermission?

If there is an intermission you will be asked to leave the room and to take your coat, bag and personal belongings with you. After the break, you can rejoin the same row. Your new seat (s) could deviate to the right or left, but the row is fixed.

Is the toilet safe to visit?

Visiting the toilet during the performance is not possible. The toilets can be visited before the start of the performance. We request that you take into account the 1.5 meter distance when entering. Hygiene is of course paramount in the toilet areas. There will be enough disinfectant hand gel. In addition, the cleaning of these spaces has been intensified, before, during and after the performance.

How do you leave the building after the performance?

You are requested to remain seated after the performance. An ITA employee guides the audience out of the room. As soon as the last visitor has left the theater, all exits are closed by the theater staff. Cleaning staff will disinfect all sanitary and all contact surfaces, such as doorknobs, taps, armrests, door posts and stair railings, once the visitors have left the theater.

Is a face mask mandatory?

A face mask is mandatory in our theater from the age of 13. We ask you to put on a face mask when you enter our theater and also when you get up again during the intermission or after the performance to leave the theater. You may take off your face mask when you are seated during the performance.

Unfortunately, face masks are not available at ITA. It is therefore important that you bring your own.