Sprint Pass

In search for a cheap ticket at the best available seat every day? With a Sprint Pass you can buy the best available seats from 1 hour before the start for only € 12,50 (or € 17,50 if the standard price is more than € 35).

What is the Sprint Pass? The Sprint pass is a strictly personal discount card that costs € 5 a year. This allows you to buy a ticket at the best available seat from one hour before the start of the performance at the box office at the sprint rate. You will also receive a € 5 last-minute discount at Frascati and De Brakke Grond on presentation of your pass.

How advantageous is the sprint rate? You only pay € 12,50 for all ranks unless the regular ticket price is € 35 or more. In that case you pay € 17,50 (or you opt for a cheaper rank, if available). Tickets are sold subject to availability. The ITA management is free to exclude performances from the sprint discount.

Until what age can I use the pass? You can use the pass until your 30th birthday.

Do I always have to take the pass to ITA? Yes, because the Sprint Pass must be shown on request. In connection with age verification, you may also be asked for a valid proof of identity.

Moved or lost the Sprint Pass? Send an e-mail to bespreekbureau@ita.nl or pass it on to the box office.

Where can I go to? Every two weeks you will receive the sprint newsletter in your email with a few tips. Check the agenda to see where you can go every night.

How do I cancel my Sprint Pass? If you hand in your Sprint Pass at the box office, you will be officially 'de-sprinted' and the automatic debit will be stopped. You can also send your pass back to us by post.

I have another question. Come by, call the box office (+31 (0) 20 624 23 11) or send an email with your question to bespreekbureau@ita.nl.

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