Around the performances

We organise all sorts of activities around the performances, such as public tours of our beautiful building, previews and after-show talks. You can attend public rehearsals at the ITA ensemble. Because we believe that a look behind the scenes and conversations with the makers makes the performance visit even more interesting (and more fun).

Everything you need to know in 15 min


The story, the actors, the producers’ ideas, the secrets of the kitchen: our initiators tell you everything you need to know about the performance. They will provide you with all the information and interesting facts needed to enter the auditorium well-prepared. And above all: so you can enjoy the performance even more. Free access for visitors to a performance. ITA offers a preview at (almost) every performance.

The Previews commence half an hour before the start of the performance and last 15 minutes.

Location: Marnixbordes (performances Grote Zaal) or Nieuwe Foyer (performances Rabozaal).

The introductions by the ITA ensemble start three quarters of an hour before the performance.

Conversations with the makers, actors or dancers

After-show talks

During the follow-up talks, the makers and/or players will explain more about their ideas and methods. If you have any questions, this is the perfect time to ask them. Our After-show talks are free of charge and start shortly after the performance in one of our foyers.

More information about the After-show talks can be found with every show in the programme overview.

Public tours

Nobody knows our building as well as our tour guides. Discover the history of our theatre - a National Monument - and take a look behind the scenes. You will enter places that are normally not accessible to visitors. There is a guided tour on every first Saturday of the month. During special events, a guided tour may occasionally take place on a different Saturday.

Start: 15.00. The guided tour costs € 7.50 and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. You can buy tickets online or at the box office.

Tailor-made group tours can also be arranged.

Public rehearsals

Always wanted to know what it really is like behind the scenes of a theatre production? Then you are welcome at the public rehearsals of our ITA ensemble.