Julidans NL: Apollon Musagète XL


Julidans NL: Apollon Musagète XL

Florentina Holzinger (NL/AT)


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Julidans NL: Apollon Musagète XL
06 Jul '19
Florentina Holzinger (NL/AT)

'With great effect and a number of powerful strokes, Florentina Holzinger uses Apollon Musagète to seduce the patriarchal order. Shivers and excitement, horror and irony go hand in hand with muscular displays, insane tricks and the usual aesthetics of Holzinger.' This is how Theaterkrant awarded its four-star recommendation in 2017. The XL version of this feminist 'ballet' is getting even greater and more exuberant.

Sat 6 July 22.00
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Grote Zaal

Dutch premiere of XL version

XX minutes
No intermission
€25 / 20 / 15 / 12,50 / 10
Julidans Young €15

Virtuoso performers puts the patriarchal order to shame.

Apollon Musagète XL is a very radical adaptation of the classical ballet of the same name. The rather patriarchal story about the god Apollo, who judges his graceful muses, is completely turned upside down by Holzinger in a circus sideshow-meets-ballet. Seven women throw their physical virtuosity in the struggle to tackle the contemporary body culture. With humour and bravado they puncture the myth of the perfect woman.

'Apollon Musagète is built on contrasts: sexy bodies that assist in their own destruction, a militant training camp for high divers, sacred symmetry alongside scabious peeing and pooping moments. The clash of styles works. In heaven they eat shit with silver spoons.’ - De Standaard.

The performances of the Austrian Holzinger are brutal, physical and explosive. She draws her inspiration from various disciplines, such as kickboxing, weightlifting, ballet or acrobatics. ‘In her work, boundaries are deliberately sought: both the physical boundaries of the performers and those of good taste,’ wrote critic Marijn Lems, who aptly calls it ‘the poetry of provocation.’

Holzinger studied choreography at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and received the Prix Jardin d'Europe for her graduation solo SILK. She worked at various companies and dance houses in Europe, including ICK Amsterdam.

Apollon Musagète XL is part of Julidans NL, a showcase of interesting dance creators in the Netherlands for international dance programmers. The Julidans NL performances are also open to the public.

Julidans organises the international visitors' programme Julidans NL in collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts. The visitors' programme is made possible by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.
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