ITA pride

Especially for Pride Amsterdam, ITA brings two unique and special performances to Amsterdam: A 24-Decade History Of Popular Music by Taylor Mac and Edward II - The Gay King by Toneelgroep Oostpool.

Both performances draw attention to urgent themes, such as the diversity of gender identities, and call for embracing 'being different'. Feeling free to be yourself without any imposed norms from outside.

ITA Pride takes place from 2 to 6 August.

A 24-Decade History Of Popular Music

Taylor Mac is one of the most exciting theatre artists of our time. For 20 years, he has been creating internationally award-winning performances that challenge and embrace diverse audiences at the same time. "A must-see for anyone who wants to see a kinder, gentler society" - Huffington Post

A 24-Decade History Of Popular Music is a highly immersive and outrageously entertaining crash course in the 240 years (and counting) of the history of American culture and dysfunction. It chronicles the ways in which communities rebuild themselves as they are torn apart. The play was originally performed as a one-off 24-hour event and has been recognised as one of The Guardian's top five most important theatre works of the 21st century. Told from the perspective of groups whose stories are often "forgotten, rejected or buried", the show highlights different musical styles and artistic voices, ranging from murder ballads to disco, Walt Whitman to David Bowie and beyond.
First time in the Netherlands
After successes in New York, London, Sydney and elsewhere, Taylor Mac is coming to Amsterdam during Pride for a special version of A 24-Decade History of Popular Music. He will present a shortened version of the show, full of highlights from 240 years of American culture, inviting numerous Amsterdam guests.

About Taylor Mac
Taylor Mac — who uses “judy” (lowercase sic unless at the start of a sentence, just like a regular pronoun), not as a name but as a gender pronoun — is a playwright, actor, singer-songwriter, performance artist, director and producer. Judy's work has been performed in hundreds of venues around the world and won many prestigious awards.

A 24-Decade History Of Popular Music can be seen from 2 to 6 August.

A 24-Decade History of Popular Music - Abridged

Edward II - The Gay King

Edward is young and full of life. His coronation marks the beginning of a new era. It is time for love! Passion! Celebration! Peace! With the crown on his head, he throws himself into what has been withheld from him all his life. While all eyes are on him, Edward's choices seem to neglect his political and secular duties. Everyone around Edward serves the crown and acts in the national interest. But what if that 'national interest' means something different to everyone? Is the young and contrary Edward forced to choose between love and politics? Do the two exclude each other or can they be combined in one person?

With Edward II - The Gay King, director Char Li Chung creates a contemporary costume drama based on Christopher Marlowe's Edward II. With Edward II, Marlowe created one of the first openly gay characters in the 16th century. After the very well-received Don Caravaggio (nomination BNG Bank Theatre Prize 2019) and his adaptation of Oscar Wild's De Profundis (2021), Chung is once again sinking his teeth into a historical queer character.

Edward II - The Gay King can be seen from 4 to 5 August.

Edward II - The Gay King