February 02 / Internationaal Theater Amsterdam


Today, the Supervisory Board is pleased to announce that Clayde Menso will take up the position of director at ITA as of 1 April 2022. Menso, currently managing director of Amerpodia, will be part of the three-person board of directors together with Ivo van Hove and Margreet Wieringa.

Clayde Menso (1976) has built up extensive experience in the Amsterdam and national art and culture sector. As managing director of Amerpodia, he is in charge of the leading culture centres and brands De Rode Hoed, Felix Meritis, De Nieuwe Liefde and CT (formerly Compagnietheater). Before that, he was director of Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and programme manager for culture at Stichting DOEN.

Marry de Gaay Fortman, chair of the Supervisory Board
: “In Clayde Menso we have found a genuine connector with broad managerial experience in the cultural sector. As director, Clayde Menso will be responsible for, among other things, the programming of ITA’s own ensemble performances, guest programming and perspective programmes of ITA Academy, internationalisation, talent development and education. An inspirer who represents ITA both internally and externally in a way that appeals to the imagination nationally and internationally. We are delighted to have found the right director for Internationaal Theater Amsterdam in Clayde Menso.”

Directors Ivo van Hove and Margreet Wieringa
: “We are proud and pleased that Clayde Menso is becoming part of our board of directors and we look forward to showing the best of ITA together with him. We are convinced that together with us, the employees and partners of ITA, he will make an inspiring, connecting and positive contribution to the success of ITA.”

-|- Clayde Menso: “I think it's important to create places where people talk to each other and where they come to different insights. I have done that in my current role and I would like to continue that in my new role as director at ITA; I am proud that I am being given the opportunity to optimally use my professional experience for the centre of theatre and dance. A theatre with a local, national and international allure and a world-famous ensemble, where urgent stories are told and where people from diverse backgrounds can meet. I would like to contribute to a theatre where everyone feels welcome, can be touched by the beauty of theatre and dance and can relate to the major developments in the world.”