March 15 / Internationaal Theater Amsterdam


Director Margreet Wieringa is leaving ITA, resigning her position as of 15 March 2023. Wieringa, responsible for general operations, human resources, theatre technics, communication and marketing and finance departments within ITA, has decided to pursue her career outside of ITA. The Supervisory Board announced this today. The Supervisory Board respects this decision of Margreet and is grateful for her commitment and dedication to directing ITA as a merged organisation after she took office in 2019.

Director Margreet Wieringa: 'Over the past period, I have reflected on my wishes for the future and have come to the conclusion that that fulfilment does not lie within ITA. I look forward to continuing my career elsewhere and am proud to have been able to contribute to the foundation of ITA together with all the wonderful colleagues within ITA over the past years. I have also enjoyed contributing to all the talks, meetings and negotiations with various (industry) organisations to keep the company on track as much as possible in the enormous pressure on the cultural sector, caused by the Corona crisis. I will certainly continue to follow ITA.'

Chairman Marry de Gaay Fortman: ‘As every organisation, ITA had to deal with the Corona crisis and its consequences. Margreet's steadfastness in guiding the organisation through this turbulent period together with the other board members is admirable. We wish her all the best in the continuation of her career.'

In recent years, Wieringa has consistently contributed to themes such as inclusiveness, workplace safety and digitalisation. For instance, she has been a key contributor to Theater Inclusief, and she spearheaded the focus group with the Staff Council within ITA to advance diversity, inclusion and equality. Her collaborations with other cultural organisations on digitalisation have also led to a digital platform for online cultural offerings for the performing arts.

The Supervisory Board will soon start a succession procedure.