Bart Slegers

Bart Slegers (1964) has joined the ensemble in season 12|13.

In season 20|21 he will perform in the premieres of Flight 49 (directed by Simon Stone) and in the revivals of Freud, The things that pass and Medea.


Slegers played before at ITA in The cherry orchard, The Wood, Oedipus, The Fountainhead, Scenes from a marriage, From the life of the marionettes,The kindley ones, Opening Night, The taming of the shrew, The Seagull, Danton's Death, Nora and Children of the sun.

Slegers studied at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and was previously a member of Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Ro Theater.


RADIO NPO1 - Nooit meer slapen: Acteur Bart Slegers speelt in 'Scènes uit een huwelijk'- 15 aug 18
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Gazet van Antwerpen - Ivo Van Hove, van Bowie naar Bourla - 14 okt 16
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Esta - Welkom Bart - 16 aug 12
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Language NP Language no problem Flight 49ITA–EnsembleTheater Flight 49
Close Flight 49 ITA-ensemble / Simon Stone
20 Sep '20 to 28 Feb '21
Flight 49 brings people together after a plane crash. Strangers seek support from each other after the loss of their loved ones, friends, family members. The Australian director Simon Stone was inspired by motifs from Herman Heijermans' classic Op hoop van zegen.
Language NP Language no problem medeaITA–EnsembleTheater medea
Close medea ITA-ensemble / Simon Stone
10 Oct '20 to 04 Mar '21
For 24 centuries, writers and theater makers have told the story of the daughter of the king, Medea, who is rejected by her husband and subsequently kills her children. Simon Stone mixes Euripides' play with the true story of Debora Green, an American woman who killed her children in the 1990s.
Language NP Language no problem freud
ITA–EnsembleTheater freud
Close freud ITA-ensemble / Toneelhuis / Ivo van Hove
In the late 1950s, French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre wrote The Freud Scenario, at the request of Hollywood director John Huston. Sartre writes a script for a seven hour movie, which is way too long according to Huston. The two get into an argument. Since then this script has remained untouched.
Language NP Language no problem The things that passITA–EnsembleTheater The things that pass
Close The things that pass ITA-ensemble / Toneelhuis / Ivo van Hove
After The hidden force, Ivo van Hove made a second adaptation of a novel by Couperus: The things that pass, this time a coproduction with Toneelhuis (Antwerp).