Chris Nietvelt

Chris Nietvelt (1962) was a member of Toneelgroep Amsterdam from 1988 to 1994, and returned in 2005.

In season 20|21 she will perform in the premieres of Age of Rage (directed by Ivo van Hove), De uren (The Hours directed by Eline Arbo) and Flight 49 (director Simon Stone) and in the revivals of Freud.


Nietvelt played before at the ensemble in May we be forgiven, The maids, The glass menagerie (nomination Theo d'Or), Mary Stuart (nomination Theo d'Or), Teorema, Phaedra, And We Will Never be Parted, Disgrace, The Russians!, La grande bouffe, Macbeth (as Lady Macbeth), The Seagull, Blood Wedding, Hamlet vs Hamlet, Liliom, Cries and whispers, Children of the sun, Opening Night (nomination Colombina), Ifigeneia in Aulis, Naar Damascus, Oresteia (nomination Colombina), Don Carlos, Perfect wedding, Cocktail, Bergtaal, Count your blessings, De mooie onbekende, Het mondeling verraad, Lady Windermere's fan, Penthesilea, Variété, Andromache, Anne Frank, de tentoonstelling, Bekende gezichten, gemengde gevoelens, Ballet, Lulu, Boeing boeing, Kras and Titus, geen Shakespeare.

In 2008, she was awarded the Theo d’Or for best actress for her role as Cleopatra in Roman Tragedies. In 2007, she was nominated best supporting actress for her role in Oresteia and in 2006 for her role in Opening Night. In 2015 she received a Theo d'Or nomination for her part in Mary Stuart and in 2016 a Theo d'Or nomination for her part in The glass menagerie.

In 1994, Nietvelt joined the theatre company ZT Hollandia, where she became one of the company’s defining actresses. She also acted in the highly acclaimed production of Houllebecq’s Atomised in collaboration with the Schauspielhaus in Zürich, directed by Johan Simons. In 2008, Nietvelt played the role of the courtisan Marquerite Gautier in Van Hove’s German language production Kameliendame.


De Standaard - 'De actrice die ik nu ben, ben ik door haar.' - 9 nov 15
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VRT KLARA - De liefhebber - 7 feb 15
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Opzij - Rivaliteit & liefde tussen twee machtige vrouwen - 1 dec 14
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Trouw - Lady Macbeth - 23 apr 14
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Hollands Diep - Dieren zijn er om opgegeten te worden - dec 10
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Eindhovens Dagblad - Koningin van de wanhoop - 1 dec 10
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Eindhovens Dagblad - Pendelen tussen Johan en Ivo - 22 mrt 10
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Vrij Nederland - Alleen maar voluit - 20 sep 08
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Volkskrant - 'Een beetje glamour, dat streelt' - 24 jan 08
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De Morgen - Chris Nietvelt schittert in Opening Night - 1 sep 06
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Language NP Language no problem freud
ITA–EnsembleTheater freud
Close freud ITA-ensemble / Toneelhuis / Ivo van Hove
In the late 1950s, French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre wrote The Freud Scenario, at the request of Hollywood director John Huston. Sartre writes a script for a seven hour movie, which is way too long according to Huston. The two get into an argument. Since then this script has remained untouched.
Language NP Language no problem Flight 49ITA–EnsembleTheater Flight 49
Close Flight 49 ITA-ensemble / Simon Stone
20 Sep '20 to 28 Feb '21
Flight 49 brings people together after a plane crash. Strangers seek support from each other after the loss of their loved ones, friends, family members. The Australian director Simon Stone was inspired by motifs from Herman Heijermans' classic Op hoop van zegen.
Language NP Language no problem Age of Rage Age of Rage
Language NP Language no problem De uren (The hours) De uren (The hours)