Dewi Reijs

In season 22|23 Reijs can be seen in The Doctor (director Robert Icke).


Dewi Reijs (1982) graduated in 2005 as an actress and theatermaker from the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. Since then she has worked as an actress with various companies and played, among others, Don Carlos, Sick (The Imaginary Invalid) and The Tea Lords. Since 2016, Reijs has been playing the role of Oerip in The Hidden Force at International Theater Amsterdam and has traveled to Antwerp, Moscow, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Paris with this production.

In 2008 she directed her first youth play The life of Njabala in Kampala, Uganda. Shortly afterwards she made the family plays Rafi and The Forgotten Forest back in the Netherlands. Her theater text Air in the kitchen cupboards was selected in 2009 for the New Dutch Festival 11, the festival for new playwrights.

In 2015, Reijs directed her debut film Idiot about the life of the mentally disabled girl Rahima and won film prizes at the International Children's Film Festival India and the Uhvatiti Film Festival Novi Sad in Serbia. Idiot was also selected for the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2016. After this, Reijs directed the short film Hide Her, which was screened at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2017.

In addition to her work in theater, Reijs also played in various TV and film productions, such as Shouf Shouf, The Rules of Floor, Murder Wives, A'dam-EVA, CMC2, Danni Lowinski and Cops Maastricht. In 2016 Reijs played in the feature film A Real Vermeer the role of Anna van Meegeren, the wife of master forger Han van Meegeren.

Reijs has been the founder of Buddy Film Foundation since 2017. This foundation is a stepping stone for refugee professional filmmakers, actors and creatives. In 2018 Buddy Film Productions and Buddy Film Casting were added.

In season 21|22 Reijs could be seen in The Doctor at ITA under the direction of Robert Icke. She also appeared in her self-written location performance Trojan Wives On Tour and in the feature film My father is an airplane by Antoinette Beumer.


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06 Sep '22 to 16 Sep '22
Robert Icke has a warm heart for the classics, which he adapts in his own personal and radical way. Once again, he is making a contemporary adaptation, this time of Professor Bernhardi by Arthur Schnitzler.