Frieda Pittoors

Frieda Pittoors (1947) has been a member of the ensemble since 2005.

In season 20|21 she will perform in the premiere of Children of Nora (director Robert Icke) and in the revivals of The things that pass.

Pittoors played before at the ensemble in Hedda Gabler, Queen Lear, The Russians, Tartuffe, Ubu, Antonioni Project, Teorema, Perfect wedding, Maeterlinck, Blood wedding, Children of the sun, Naar Damascus, Don Carlos, Hemel boven Berlijn and House of the Future.

In 2008 she was nominated for a Colombina for her part in Roman Tragedies. She received the Colombina in 2012 for her part in Tartuffe and in The Russians.

At the age of eight, Pittoors was already on stage in Belgium’s professional theatres. She could also be seen in Dutch theatres starting from the seventies with companies such as Proloog, Sater, Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Discordia. Before she started at Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Pittoors played at ZT Hollandia. There she performed in plays such as De Leenane trilogie (The Leenane Trilogy), for which she was nominated for the Theo d'Or, Tim van Athene and Seemannslieder/Op hoop van zegen (Sea shanties/Here goes nothing).

Frieda Pittoors
De dingen die voorbijgaan, Frieda Pittoors


Trouw - Een kwartier naar de planten kijken - 3 okt 17
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Parool PS - Ik kan niet tegen acteursgezever - 7 mrt 15
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De Volkskrant - Kroning - 6 mrt 15
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NRC - 'Al die jongens om me heen, heerlijk' - 2 mrt 15
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Vogue - Grande Dame - mrt 15
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NRC - Zij zijn dit jaar de besten - 10 sep 12
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TM - Alleen de theaterwereld weet dat je genomineerd bent - zomer 12
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Theaterfestival van Vlaanderen - Shakespeare is zo universeel - 23 aug 08
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NRC - 'Ik houd altijd afstand' - 4 aug 06
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Language NP Language no problem Children of NoraITA–EnsembleTheater Children of Nora
Close Children of Nora ITA–Ensemble
01 Sep '20 to 10 Jan '21
Everyone knows about the argument, the big, ferocious, final argument where a decision is made and somebody leaves and the door is slammed. The end of a relationship. But this door slam is famous in dramatic literature... Robert Icke wrote a sequel to it: what happens after the door is slammed?
Language NP Language no problem The things that passITA–EnsembleTheater The things that pass
Close The things that pass ITA-ensemble / Toneelhuis / Ivo van Hove
10 Dec '20 to 23 Dec '20
After The hidden force, Ivo van Hove made a second adaptation of a novel by Couperus: The things that pass, this time a coproduction with Toneelhuis (Antwerp).