Ilke Paddenburg

Ilke Paddenburg graduated in 2011 from the Arnhem Theater School. She joined the ITA Ensemble in season 19|20.

In season 23|24 she will perform in the premieres of Primeval and Other Times (directed by Guy Cassiers) and The Laws (directed by Eline Arbo) and in the revivals of The Doctor (nomination Colombina), The Hours and Penthesilea.


At ITA Paddenburg played in Judas, Age of Rage, Flight 49, Freud, Kings of war and Roman tragedies. Previously, she also acted in productions of Keesen & Co, Theater Oostpool, Theater Utrecht and Mugmetdegoudentand. In 2023, she made her debut as director and scenographer with the short film Een dag in het leven van een vrouwfiguur in collaboration with Millstreet films and VPRO

2022 |
nomination Gouden Kalf | Best lead role in a short film for Het Kamp by Philip Huff
2022 I nomination Colombina | The Doctor
2016 | Colombina | Een Soort Hades at Theater Utrecht



Een dag in het leven van een vrouwfiguur | regie: Ilke Paddenburg

Modern Love Amsterdam | regie: Mijke de Jong
Het Kamp | regie: Philip Huff

Centraal | Fiction Valley
Het juk | Nico van den Brink
Alles is bedacht | KunstKlank

De regels van Floor | NL Film
De Thuislozen | Theater Utrecht
Platonov | Theater Utrecht

Sweet tooth | Nico van den Brink
Pilp Fiction | De Ploeg
Gidsland | Mugmetdegoudentand

puntUIT | BNN
De Wilde Eend | Liliane Brakema
De Lankmoedigen | Toneelgroep Oostpool


Beton | Keesen & Co
Een soort Hades | Theater Utrecht

Heer & Meester | Fiction Valley
Beschuit met muisjes | Toneelgroep Oostpool
Cookies | Toneelgroep Oostpool

Van God los | BNN

Moeder, ik wil bij de revue | Kemna & Zonen
Amstel | Jaap van Eyck
De Val | Keesen & Co

De Kersentuin | Keesen & Co
Lang zal ze leven | Mannin de Wildt


Language NP Language no problem The Hours
ITA–Ensemble Theater The Hours
Close The Hours ITA Ensemble / Eline Arbo
Eline Arbo brings De uren (The Hours), the novel by Michael Cunningham, to the stage.
Language NP Language no problem Primeval and Other Times ITA–Ensemble Theater Primeval and Other Times
Close Primeval and Other Times ITA Ensemble / Hotel Modern / Guy Cassiers
Guy Cassiers, together with Hotel Modern and 11 actors from the ensemble, creates the world of Primeval and Other Times.
Language NP Language no problem Judas ITA–Ensemble Theater Judas
Close Judas ITA Ensemble / Robert Icke
The name Judas is familiar to many of us. The traitor. The scorned man. A man condemned century after century for his cunning cowardice and who to this day deserves no pardon - or - is that perhaps half a story?
Language NP Language no problem The Doctor
ITA–Ensemble Theater The Doctor
Close The Doctor ITA Ensemble / Robert Icke
05 May '24 to 17 May '24
Robert Icke has a warm heart for the classics, which he adapts in his own personal and radical way. Once again, he is making a contemporary adaptation, this time of Professor Bernhardi by Arthur Schnitzler.