Ilke Paddenburg

Ilke Paddenburg graduated in 2011 from the Arnhem Theater School. She joins the ITA-ensemble as of season 19|20.

Paddenburg will perform in the premieres of Freud (director Ivo van Hove) and The good hope (director Simon Stone).


After graduating, Ilke was part of Keesen & Co in the productions: De Kersentuin (Chekhov), De Val (Jeroen van den Berg) and Beton (Rob de Graaf), all directed by Willibrord Keesen.

At Toneelgroep Oostpool she played in Cookies (Rik van den Bos), Beschuit met muisjes (Heijermans) and De Lankmoedigen (Joeri Vos), all directed by Joeri Vos.

Ilke played in the graduation performance De Wilde Eend (Simon Stone), directed by Liliane Brakema. She also played at Mugmetdegoudentand in Gidsland (Nathan Vecht), directed by Lineke Rijxman.

At Theater Utrecht Ilke could be seen in Platonov (Chekhov) and in Thuislozen (Lars Noren), a co-production with Adelheid&Zina. For Een soort Hades (Lars Noren), in which she played the role of Marie, Ilke was awarded a Colombina for the best supporting actress. All plays were directed by Thibaud Delpeut.

In the summer of 2019, a location project will be held in Noordwijk for which Ilke has written the scenario. She also directs the play.