Maarten Heijmans

Maarten Heijmans (1983) has joined the ensemble in season 18|19.

In season 20|21 he will perform in the premiere of Flight 49 (director Simon Stone), Romeo and Julia (director Michiel van Erp) and Age of Rage (director Ivo van Hove) and in the revivals of Freud and A little life.

Heijmans played before at ITA in Ibsen huis (Arlecchino 2017), The Fountainhead and Mary Stuart.


Heijmans graduated in 2007 at the Amsterdamse Toneelschool. Together with Ian Bok, he created the play De Huilende Kers, which was awarded with the Fringe Award 2008. The performance also featured at the Prague Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe. In 2008, Maarten performed in the play Verplichte figuren (by and with Alex Klaassen) and Arabische Nacht, a performance by Huis aan de Amstel. In 2009, he played the role of Barend in Op Hoop van Zegen at Het Toneel Speelt, directed by Jaap Spijkers, in 2010 Thaibox Verdriet at De Toneelmakerij. During recent theatre seasons, he has performed in the plays Expats (directed by Mark Rietman), De Wijze Kater (directed by Jaap Spijkers) at Het Toneel Speelt and in Les Enfants du Paradis in the outdoor theatre in the Amsterdamse Bos, Soldaat van Oranje - the musical, in the title role of Vaslav Nijinsky in the play Vaslav, based on the true story about this world famous ballet dancer; this performance was featured exclusively in the DeLaMar theatre in Amsterdam.

He was seen on television in programmes including S1ngle (NET5), Klokhuis (NTR), TiTaTovenaar (Z@pp) and SpangaS (NCRV). In early 2014, Maarten played the title role in the four-part drama series about the life of Ramses Shaffy (AVRO), directed by Michiel van Erp. He played in the telefilm Het Mooiste Wat Er Is (directed by Danyael Sugawara / EO) as well as Volgens Jacqueline (directed by Johan Timmers, VARA).

Maarten Heijmans


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Language NP Language no problem Flight 49ITA–EnsembleTheater Flight 49
Close Flight 49 ITA-ensemble / Simon Stone
Flight 49 brings people together after a plane crash. Strangers seek support from each other after the loss of their loved ones, friends, family members. The Australian director Simon Stone was inspired by motifs from Herman Heijermans' classic Op hoop van zegen.
Language NP Language no problem Romeo and JuliaITA–EnsembleTheater Romeo and Julia
Close Romeo and Julia ITA-ensemble / Michiel van Erp
14 Nov '20 to 16 May '21
Even those who have never seen Shakespeare's most famous love drama on stage, know the story of the great love between the star crossed lovers and its fatal outcome.
Language NP Language no problem Age of Rage Age of Rage
Language NP Language no problem A little lifeITA–EnsembleTheater A little life
Close A little life ITA-ensemble / Ivo van Hove
No book has captivated and moved millions of readers during the past few years like A little life by American author Hanya Yanagihara.
Language NP Language no problem freud
ITA–EnsembleTheater freud
Close freud ITA-ensemble / Toneelhuis / Ivo van Hove
In the late 1950s, French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre wrote The Freud Scenario, at the request of Hollywood director John Huston. Sartre writes a script for a seven hour movie, which is way too long according to Huston. The two get into an argument. Since then this script has remained untouched.