Maria Kraakman

Maria Kraakman (1975) joined the ITA-ensemble in 2015.

In season 22|23 she will perform in the premieres of Lehman Trilogy (director Guy Cassiers) and Penthesilea(director Eline Arbo) and in the revivals of The Doctor, Judas, Age of Rage, The Year of Cancer and The Damned.

In 22|23, her directorial debut with ITA, Client E. Busken, also will be reprised.


Kraakman played before at ITA in Flight 49, Ibsen House, The Things that Pass, Roman Tragedies, The wood, Falling man, The year of cancer (nomination Theo d'Or), The homecoming, Small souls, The hidden force and Cries and whispers.

She graduated from the Arnhemse Toneelschool in 1998. Her career in theatre soon took off with e.g. performances by Art & Pro, where she acted in Ivanov and Diskoobigge, directed by Frans Strijards, Eline Vere at Het Nationale Toneel and the solo performance Anoniem by Nataliya Golofastova (Productiehuis Rotterdam) for which she won a Gouden Kniertje award in 2009. After Rainer Maria and Alma at De Warme Winkel, her time at Toneelgroep Oostpool began, with roles in e.g. Zomergasten (Summerfolk), Hamlet and Tramlijn Begeerte (A Streetcar Named Desire). In 2010, Kraakman won the Theo d'Or for her role in Orlando.

As a film actress, she acted in e.g. Îles Flottantes by Nanouk Leopold and 06-05 by Theo van Gogh. For her muted role in Guernsey, also by Nanouk Leopold, she won a Gouden Kalf (Golden Calf) for Best Actress in 2005. She then went on to act in e.g. My queen Karo, Hunting & Zn. (for which she co-wrote the scenario), De bende van Oss and In Blue, for which she won a second Gouden Kalf in 2018. On television, she acted in series such as Medea, Ernstige delicten and Keyzer & De Boer Advocaten and played one of the leading roles in the series Koppels.

| Gouden Kalf | In Blue
| nomination Theo d'Or | Het jaar van de kreeft bij Toneelgroep Amsterdam
| nomination Gouden kalf | Schneider vs. Bax
| Theo d'Or | Orlando bij Toneelgroep Oostpool
| nomination Gouden kalf | Hunting & Zn.
| nomination Ensor | My queen Karo
| Gouden Kniertje | Anoniem bij Productiehuis Rotterdam
| Gouden Kalf | Guernsey



Het A-woord | Fiction Valley

Instinct | Halina Reijn
Zeven kleine criminelen | Pupkin Film

Mooi geweest | Mari Sanders

In Blue | Jaap van Heusden
Cobain | Nanouk Leopold

Vlaznost | Nikola Ljuca
De jacht | Talpa
Tussen man en vrouw | Martijn Maria Smits

De lange nasleep van een korte mededeling | Joppe van Huizen
Schneider vs. Bax | Alex van Warmerdam
Angels in America | Toneelgroep Oostpool

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? | Toneelgroep Oostpool

Tramlijn begeerte | Toneelgroep Oostpool
Boiling Frog | Toneelgroep Oostpool
Man in pak | Anna van der Heide

Till the fat lady sings | Toneelgroep Oostpool

Hamlet | Toneelgroep Oostpool
Ksztalt | Toneelgroep Oostpool
Er moet licht zijn | Toneelgroep Oostpool
Hunting & Zn. | Sander Burger


Orlando | Toneelgroep Oostpool
Zomergasten | Toneelgroep Oostpool
Alma | De Warme Winkel
My queen Karo | Dorothée Van Den Berghe

Anoniem | Productiehuis Rotterdam
Eline Vere | Nationale Toneel
Rainer Maria | De Warme Winkel

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi | Alaska
HannaHannah | Annemarie van de Mond
Olivier etc. | Sander Burger

Koppels | TALPA

Guernsey | Nanouk Leopold
06/05 | Theo van Gogh

Zinloos | Arno Dierickx

Gelogen gedachte | Toneelgroep Oostpool

Eieredans | Nationale Toneel

Îles Flottantes | Nanouk Leopold


Language NP Language no problem the damned
on Tour
ITA–EnsembleTheater the damned
Language NP Language no problem Client E. Busken
ITA–EnsembleTheater Client E. Busken
Close Client E. Busken ITA-ensemble / Maria Kraakman
Maria Kraakman made her debut as director with Client E. Busken, a monologue played by Gijs Scholten van Aschat and musician Jip van den Dool. The text is based on the latest novel by Jeroen Brouwers.
Language NP Language no problem The doctor
ITA–EnsembleTheater The doctor
Close The doctor ITA-ensemble / Robert Icke
Robert Icke has a warm heart for the classics, which he adapts in his own personal and radical way. Once again, he is making a contemporary adaptation, this time of Professor Bernhardi by Arthur Schnitzler.
Language NP Language no problem JudasITA–EnsembleTheater Judas
Close Judas ITA-ensemble / Robert Icke
The name Judas is familiar to many of us. The traitor. The scorned man. A man condemned century after century for his cunning cowardice and who to this day deserves no pardon - or - is that perhaps half a story?
Language NP Language no problem Lehman TrilogyITA–EnsembleTheater Lehman Trilogy
Close Lehman Trilogy ITA-ensemble / Guy Cassiers
26 Oct '22 to 23 Dec '22
Slavery and industrialisation, war and new technological developments: no matter what is happening in America and even worldwide, the Lehmans always know how to make good money from it.
Language NP Language no problem age of rage
ITA–EnsembleTheater age of rage
Close age of rage ITA -ensemble / Holland Festival / Bl!indman / La Villette / the Barbican / Ivo van Hove
02 Dec '22 to 11 Dec '22
In Age of Rage, Ivo van Hove tells a primeval story of how revenge haunts and destroys successive generations. This performance is in line with earlier large-scale social productions such as Roman tragedies and Kings of War.
Language NP Language no problem The year of cancerITA–EnsembleTheater The year of cancer
Close The year of cancer ITA-ensemble / Luk Perceval
04 Jan '23 to 14 Jan '23
The year of cancer is one of director Luk Perceval’s favorite novels. The balance between big emotions and banality, between tense expectations and daily burdens form the basis of his reading.
Language NP Language no problem penthesileaITA–EnsembleTheater penthesilea
Close penthesilea ITA-ensemble / Eline Arbo
14 Jun '23 to 25 Jun '23
In this searing drama about a fatal love, a blistering passion churns unstoppably to the surface.