Marieke Heebink

Marieke Heebink (1962) has joined the ITA ensemble in 1994.

In season 21|22 she will perform in the premieres of Battles and metamorphoses of a woman (director Ivo van Hove), The hours (director Eline Arbo) and The damned (director Ivo van Hove) and in the revivals of Oedipus (nomination Theo d'Or), Children of Nora, A little life and Medea (Theo d'Or 2015).


Heebink played before at ITA in Death in Venice, Husbands and wives, Roman Tragedies, After the rehearsal / Persona (nomination Theo d'Or), The hidden force, The maids, Kings of war, Angels in America, Nora, Ghosts, Antonioni Project, All my Sons, The miser, Crusades, The pelican, Summer trilogy (nomination Colombina), Cat on a hot tin roof, A bride in the morning. Long day's journey into night, After the Fall (nomination Colombina), The Russians! (nomination Colombina), Ifigeneia in Aulis, Perfect wedding, Tragedie, Madame de Sade, Oresteia, Britannicus, Bedrog, Keetje van heilbron, Drie zusters, De wilde eend, Mind the gap, Macbeth, Heiner Müller: kwartet, Jeanne d'Arc van de slachthuizen, Dark lady, Een ideale vrouw (Theo d'Or), Haar leven, haar doden, Zes personages op zoek (nomination Theo d'Or), Een soort Hades (nomination Colombina), De miraculeuze come-back van Mea I. Loman, Ivanov, 't Is geen vioolconcert, Een subtiel evenwicht, Klaagliederen, Bij Jules en Alice and Orgie.

She was awarded with a Theo d'Or for her role of Constance Middleton in The constant wife (1999) and for her part of Anna in Medea (2015). She was nominated for a Theo d'Or for Oedipus (2018), Persona (2013) and Zes personages op zoek (1998) and nominated for a Colombina for Een soort Hades (1997), Summer trilogy (2010), The Russians! (2012) and After the fall (2012).

Before she started at ITA, Heebink performed at De Trust. In addition, she could be seen in the television series Mevrouw de minister [Madam minister] and Bij ons in de Jordaan [Here in the Jordaan] and in the film Eilandgasten [Island visitors]. She won a Gouden Kalf for her role in the film 1000 Rosen [1000 Roses] (1993).

| nomination Theo d'Or | Oedipus at Toneelgroep Amsterdam
| Theo d'Or | Medea at Toneelgroep Amsterdam
| nomination Theo d'Or | Persona at Toneelgroep Amsterdam
| nomination Colombina | De Russen! at Toneelgroep Amsterdam
| nomination Colombina | Na de zondeval at Toneelgroep Amsterdam
| nomination Colombina | Zomertrilogie at Toneelgroep Amsterdam
| Theo d’Or | Een ideale vrouw at Toneelgroep Amsterdam
| nomination Theo d’Or | Zes personages op zoek at Toneelgroep Amsterdam
| nomination Colombina | Een soort Hades at Toneelgroep Amsterdam
| Gouden kalf | 1000 Rosen
| nomination Colombina | Platonov at De Trust

Marieke Heebink


Van der Valk | NL Film & TV
Papadag | BosBros

Wat is dan liefde | Aniëlle Webster

De luizenmoeder | Bing Film & TV
Redbad | Roel Reiné

Heer & Meester | Omroep MAX
La Famiglia | AVROTROS
Petticoat | KRO-NCRV

Gouden Bergen | TALPA
Moordvrouw | RTL
Rundfunk | KRO-NCRV

Basil H. | Janneke van Heesch

Flikken Maastricht | TROS
20 Leugens, 4 ouders en een scharrelei | Hanro Smitsman

Het gouden huwelijk | Paul Ruven

Mixed Up | NCRV
Rembrandt en ik | Marleen Gorris

Grijpstra en de Gier | RTL4

Eilandgasten | Karim Traidia
Circus Waltz | VARA/VPRO/NPS
De zaak Malevich | NPS


Keyzer & De Boer Advocaten | KRO/NCRV
Zondag | De Luwte
Mevrouw de minister | VPRO

Lava Lounge | Ro-theater

Bij ons in de Jordaan | VPRO

De zeven deugden, brok-stukken

En route | VPRO
Zap | Paul Ruven
Oude tongen | Gerardjan Rijnders

1000 Rosen | Theu Boermans
Hartverscheurend | Mijke de Jong

Op afbetaling | Frans Weisz
Verhalen van de straat | Marleen Gorris
Oom Wanja | De Trust
Art en Pro | De Trust

Kracht | Frouke Fokkema
Wij houden zo van Julio | Ramon Gieling
Platonov | De Trust
Een meeuw | De Trust
Penthesilea | De Trust
Schwab | De Trust
Overgewicht | De Trust


Language NP Language no problem Battles and metamorphoses of a womanITA–EnsembleTheater Battles and metamorphoses of a woman
Close Battles and metamorphoses of a woman ITA–Ensemble
09 Sep '21 to 22 May '22
One day, Édouard Louis finds a photo of his mother from twenty years ago. A happy young woman, full of hopes, full of dreams. But Édouard only knows his mother to be completely unhappy, trapped in the humdrum life of a housewife.
Language NP Language no problem The Hours
ITA–EnsembleTheater The Hours
Close The Hours ITA–Ensemble
20 Oct '21 to 20 Feb '22
De uren (The hours) takes place on one day in the lives of three women, at three different moments in the 20th century: a book publisher, a housewife and the third is the writer Virginia Woolf. All three struggle with the question how to be yourself in a world that is tight like a straitjacket.
Language NP Language no problem oedipusITA–EnsembleTheater oedipus
Close oedipus ITA–Ensemble
28 Jan '22 to 07 Feb '22
British director Robert Icke - Ibsen Artist in Residence at ITA - is known for his high-profile adaptations of classical pieces. With the ITA ensemble he made a modern version of Sophocles' Oedipus, in which Oedipus is a politician in the 21st century who finds out the greatest secret of his life.
Language NP Language no problem medeaITA–EnsembleTheater medea
Close medea ITA-ensemble / Simon Stone
21 Dec '21 to 23 Dec '21
For 24 centuries, writers and theater makers have told the story of the daughter of the king, Medea, who is rejected by her husband and subsequently kills her children. Simon Stone mixes Euripides' play with the true story of Debora Green, an American woman who killed her children in the 1990s.
Language NP Language no problem Children of Nora ITA-ensemble / Robert Icke Theater Children of Nora
Close Children of Nora ITA-ensemble / Robert Icke
06 Jan '22 to 16 Jan '22
Nora slams the door of her house, ending her marriage. It became one of the most famous final scenes in theater history. Robert Icke wrote and directed a sequel in which he shows how Nora's choices affect her children.
Language NP Language no problem the damned
on Tour
ITA–EnsembleTheater the damned
Close the damned ITA–Ensemble
14 Jun '22 to 23 Jul '22
ITA in the Amsterdamse Bostheater
Language NP Language no problem A little life
on Tour
ITA–EnsembleTheater A little life
Close A little life ITA-ensemble / Ivo van Hove
No novel has captivated and moved millions of readers during the past few years like A little life by American author Hanya Yanagihara. Ivo van Hove adapted Yanagihara’s novel to theater and created a penetrating performance.