Minne Koole

Minne Koole (1993) grew up in Amsterdam and graduated from the Amsterdamse Toneel en Kleinkunst Academie in 2017.

In season 22|23 he can be seen in the revival of Judas(director Robert Icke).


Koole played a.o. in Ivanov (directed by Nina Spijkers), the music theatre production METAMAN (Orkater/GOLDMUND) and De dood van Ricky Martin (directed by Jan Hulst and Kasper Tarenskeen), a free adaptation of West Side Story. This season he can be seen in the performance MEISJES PAKKEN DE JONGENS by De Toneelmakerij and a.o. in the dramaserie THUISFRONT by BNNVARA and Dirty lines by Netflix.

In season 21|22 he can be seen in the premiere of Judas (directed by Robert Icke). Earlier he performed with our ensemble in Children of Nora (directed by Robert Icke).

Photography © Stella Matthes


Language NP Language no problem JudasITA–EnsembleTheater Judas
Close Judas ITA-ensemble / Robert Icke
30 Sep '22 to 09 Oct '22
The name Judas is familiar to many of us. The traitor. The scorned man. A man condemned century after century for his cunning cowardice and who to this day deserves no pardon - or - is that perhaps half a story?