Noortje Herlaar

Noortje Herlaar’s role in the critically acclaimed Dutch TV series Mother, I want to join the cabaret earned her the Golden Calf nomination for Best Actress at The Netherlands Film Festival. Shortly after she starred in Ramses, a four-part dramaseries about iconic Dutch musicians Ramses Shaffy and Liesbeth List, the latter portrayed by Noortje. Both Mother, I want to join the cabaret (2013) and Ramses (2014) were nominated for the prestigious Nipkow Award for best Dutch TV show, with Ramses winning. For her role in Ramses she won the Dutch critic’s award TV Beelden for Best supporting actor. Ramses is also the winner of the Prix D'Europe 2014 for Best European Drama Series.

Noortje has a versatile background; she studied not just drama, but also singing and dancing. Recent credits include Paradise Trips by Belgian director Raf Reyntjes and In my father's garden, in which she plays the female lead role opposite Barry Atsma. Her recent projects include The Hitman's Body Guard, starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson, The Menten Case, a Dutch limited series about notorious Dutch war criminal Pieter Menten, and Dr. Anne's men, a Dutch TV comedy-drama series with Noortje in the title role. Later this year, she can be seen in the new Dutch TV series The Twelve of Oldenheim.