Simon McBurney

McBurney maakte zijn debuut op het Holland Festival met de voorstelling A Disappearing Number (2007), over de zoektocht naar oneindigheid door de belangrijkste wiskundigen van de 20ste eeuw: Srinivasa Ramanujan en G.H. Hardy. Daarna volgden A Dog’s Heart (2010), The Master and Margarita (2012) en The Encounter (2017).

Internationally renowned British director Simon McBurney – whose The Encounter and Dog’s Heart were performed last year at the Holland Festival and the Dutch national Opera respectively – has chosen Chekhov’s The cherry orchard as his ITA directing debut with Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Chris Nietvelt, Hélène Devos, Steven Van Watermeulen et al.

By now, The cherry orchard is one of the most beloved plays of the global repertoire and will premiere during the Holland Festival 2019.


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After having stayed in Paris for several years, the widow Ranevskaya returns to her family home in Russia. She encounters a changed world. The family’s debts have become so great that the house and estate will have to be auctioned. Businessman Lopakhin sees a way out. He proposes to cut down th...