Tzeni Argyriou

Tzeni Argyriou (1977) is one of today’s most notable Greek choreographers. In her work, she combines choreography, theatre, and mixed media.

In search of new forms of expression for her performances, Argyriou became increasingly fascinated by the possibilities of new technology. The layers of live performance and visual media that she superimposes on each other in her work represent the different perspectives that determine how we see reality.

Like most Greek creators, Argyriou began as a creator in the Greek underground and at the low-budget festivals that kept the art scene alive. She was soon embraced by private funds and the Onassis Centre, giving her a foothold in her native land, where there was virtually no public funding for the arts. Over the last ten years, Argyriou has created and curated a significant number of projects throughout Europe, including Pleas(e)nter for the Kunstkapel Museum in Amsterdam (2011). She was also artistic director of the Europe-funded digitisation project iMAP, a collaboration between Dutch, German, Greek, and Bulgarian organisations. The project led to a special performance, a kind of live computer game or a ‘digital dance drama’, at the 2007 Athens Festival: See You In Walhalla.

‘Dance and theatre can awaken a longing in people, for things, enlightenment, a critical eye, but also for emotions. It also provides different perspectives that we often forget because our lives are so busy. Somehow art has to function as a modern oracle.’
—Tzeni Argyriou, Jump