Victor Hugo Pontes

Victor Hugo Pontes studied arts and also took courses in acting, theatre theory, choreography, and directing. This versatility is reflected in his work as a performer, choreographer, theatre director, teacher, set designer, and director for video clips and musicals. Ever since his first choreography, Puzzle, his immense talent has been in the

As a student, he gained experience with, among others, self-willed Italian director Pippo Delbono, who will also have a performance staged at Brandhaarden 2020. With Puzzle (2003), Pontes immediately attracted international attention. He was selected as 'Young Talent' for the Portuguese Young Creators competition and was chosen to represent Portugal at Repérages - Rencontres Internationales de la Jeune Choréographie in France in 2005.

His performance Ícones was awarded a German theatre prize. In 2008, he again represented his country at the European Biennial of Young Artists in Italy. In 2013, A Ballet Story was voted 'Best performance of the year’ by Portuguese press art critics. His work can now be seen throughout Europe and beyond, including in Russia and Brazil.

Pontes’ dance and theatre performances usually have a concrete subject, an underlying story, but also a universal dimension. This openness is important to Pontes, as he sees the spectator as an active participant.

‘I love it when my pieces are abstract, unfinished. I call them puzzles with a few pieces missing, and those pieces can be filled in by the audience.’

Pontes is the artistic director at Nome Próprio in Porto, a platform for art and culture that plays an important role in the production and promotion of theatre and dance in Portugal. Nome Próprio invites artists and instigates collaboration, which can then be seen throughout Portugal and far beyond its borders. Many of these creators have also received international awards.

‘Victor Hugo Pontes is a giant of Portuguese dance, who wants to transform our time into action and create tough, physical performances in search of expression and truth.’ – Up Magazine