13 Nov '19 to 16 Nov '19

A quiet evening of dance

William Forsythe / Sadler's Wells

This four-work programme is a unique opportunity to discover the versatility of dance innovator William Forsythe.

Smart, unpredictable, virtuosic: works by dance grand master William Forsythe.

William Forsythe is undoubtedly one of the foremost choreographers of his generation. For this unusual configuration of new and existing work, Forsythe has imagined something akin to an evening of chamber music, designed to be listened to.

The works range from sparse analytic condensation to baroque inspired counterpoint. The intricate phrasing of the dancers’ breath is the primary accompaniment for a distillation of the geometric origins of classical ballet.

The evening is performed by seven of Forsythe’s most trusted collaborators, who promise to provide insight into the workings of ballet and the mind of the man who has dedicated his work to this task. The programme includes two new pieces, Epilogue and Seventeen/Twenty One; two reimagined repertory works, Dialogue (DUO2015) and Catalogue (Second Edition), as well as Prologue, an excerpt of Seventeen/Twenty One.

'Smart, unpredictable, fantastically danced'. - Financial Times ***** on the 1st edition of A Quiet Evening of Dance

'Unbelievably intelligent beauty' - The Guardian

An evening with

Op 12 november praten we tijdens An evening with... aan de hand van video- en beeldfragmenten met William Forsythe over zijn werk. Door niet alleen te praten over hun inspiratiebronnen, maar die ook te laten zien, leren we hem én zijn werk op een verrassende manier beter kennen.

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choreography William Forsythe
with Brigel Gjoka, Jill Johnson, Christopher Roman, Parvaneh Scharafali, Riley Watts,
Rauf "RubberLegz" Yasit and Ander Zabala.

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