Best of IDFA: De Groene Amsterdammer


Best of IDFA: De Groene Amsterdammer



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Best of IDFA: De Groene Amsterdammer

The editors of De Groene Amsterdammer bring together extraordinary or urgent documentaries on politics, society, history and culture in one full-day program.

Festival IDFA
Location Rabozaal

Run time 10 am - 10 pm
Genre Film

Groene Amsterdammerdag

The must-sees of IDFA 2023 selected by the editors of our media partner De Groene Amsterdammer. A full day program of six unique and/or urgent documentaries on themes including politics, society, history and culture.
The following films will be showed:

  • The Disappearance of Shere Hite: United States - 2023 - Nicole Newnham - 118 min.
  • Selling a Colonial War: Netherlands - 2023 - In-Soo Radstake - 133 min.
  • In the Rearview: Poland, France, Ukraine - 2023 - Maciek Hamela - 84 min.
  • Glass, My Unfulfilled Life: Netherlands - 2023 - Rogier Kappers - 94 min.
  • The Mother of All Lies: Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar - 2023 - Asmae El Moudir - 96 min.

About IDFA

IDFA strives to strengthen the international documentary climate by focusing more than ever on documentary film as an art form. This focus includes documentary films with an original visual language or structure, films that show lesser-known cultures or are filmed from a non-Western perspective, and interactive or immersive documentaries that innovate the field.


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